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Landscape Construction | HALT | 1319

Exploration of landscape construction materials and methods of installation. Topics on soil preparation, including wood, concrete, masonry construction and landscape lighting including pools, spas, and general construction details.

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Landscape Design | HALT | 1322

A study of the principles and elements of landscape design. Topics include client interview, site analysis, plan view, scale, plant selection, basic drawing and drafting skills, and plan preparation.

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Landscape Irrigation | HALT | 1333

In-depth coverage of irrigation systems including equipment, design, performance, and maintenance. Topics include residential and commercial applications, troubleshooting, repair, and technological advances in irrigation systems.

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Large Commercial Music Ensemble : Band | MUSP | 1240

Participation in a large band concentrating on commercial music performance styles.

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Large Commercial Music Ensemble : Symphony Orchestra | MUSP | 1241

Participation in a large symphony orchestra concentrating on commercial music performance styles.

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Large Zoo and Wild Mammals | VTHT | 1229

Care and management of large zoo and wild mammals commonly encountered in zoological parks, wildlife ranches, and aquariums.

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Law Office Management | LGLA | 2307

This course presents the fundamentals of principles and structure of management, administration, and substantive systems in the law office including law practice technology as applied to paralegals.

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Law of Agency | RELE | 2201

A study of Law of agency including principal-agent and master-servant relationships, the authority of an agent, the termination of an agent's authority, the fiduciary and other duties of an agent, employment law, deceptive trade practices, listing or buying representation procedures, and the disclosure of an agency.

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Law of Contracts | RELE | 1211

Elements of a contract, offer and acceptance, statute of frauds, specific performance and remedies for breach, unauthorized practice of law, commission rules relating to use of adopted forms, and owner disclosure requirements.

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Leadership and Professional Development | VNSG | 1219

Study of the importance of professional growth. Topics include the role of the licensed vocational nurse in the multi-disciplinary health care team, professional organizations, and continuing education.

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