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Introduction to International Business and Trade | IBUS | 1305

The techniques for entering the international marketplace. Emphasis on the impact and dynamics of sociocultural, demographic, economic, technological, and political-legal factors in the foreign trade environment. Topics include patterns of world trade, internationalization of the firm, and operating procedures of the multinational enterprise.

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Introduction to Interpreting (Consecutive and Sight) | TRAI | 2274

This course is designed to teach students the specialized techniques of consecutive and sight interpreting to prepare them for the career in the field. Techniques for note taking are also included in the course.

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Introduction to Laboratory Safety | BIOS | 1471

Topics include safe handling of biological, chemical, radiation and nano materials in vivo or vitro. Focuses on safety, regulations, and proper materials handling in research, clinical laboratories, and petrochemical industries. Covers the classification levels of laboratories (i.e., Biosafety Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 requirements; topics include laboratory risk identification, medical surveillance requirements as part of an occupational health program, routine safety surveillance activities, identification of appropriate decontamination methods for biological, radiological, chemical or nano particle accidents and spills in research, clinical, and petrochemical laboratories and describing the instruction materials required to educate personnel in all areas of laboratory safety, including biological safety, chemical safety, recombinant DNA research activities and nanosafety.

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Introduction to Law | LGLA | 1091

Presents legal terminology relating to substantive areas of law and the federal and state judicial systems. Emphasizes the paralegal?s role in the legal system.

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Introduction to Legal Research | POFL | 2305

Exploration of legal issues utilizing current and emerging research techniques.

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Introduction to Maritime Shipping | MART | 1370

This program will introduce the students to the unique role of the Maritime industry in logistics. Topics include port operations, modes of cargo handling and stowage, general shipping, ship construction, types of transport ships, tankers, shipboard nomenclature and the mission of merchant ships.

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Introduction to Mass Communication | COMM | 1307

Analyzes communication theory and mass media in 21st century society. Surveys History, Civilization, , operation, and structure of the American communication system. Identifies major legal, ethical, and sociocultural issues, studies basic communication theory, and the interrelations between media and the individual, media and society, and media and the future. Examines career potential and job prospects in today?s and tomorrow?s electronic culture.

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Introduction to Materials Handling | LMGT | 1321

Introduces the concepts and principles of materials management to include inventory control and forecasting activities.

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Introduction to Metallurgy | METL | 1301

A study of refining mechanical and physical properties of ferrous and nonferrous materials including: the theory of alloys, heat treatment, and testing.

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Introduction to Mexican American Studies | HUMA | 1305

This interdisciplinary survey examines the different cultural, artistic, economic, historical, political, and social aspects of the Mexican-American/Chicano/a communities. It also covers issues such as dispossession, immigration, transnationalism, and other topics that have shaped the Mexican-American experience. This course satisfies the Language, Philosophy and Culture or Component Area Option of the HCC core.

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