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Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) | GISC | 1411

Introduction to basic concepts of vector GIS using several industry specific software programs including nomenclature of cartography and geography.

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Introduction to Gerontology | GERS | 1301

Overview of the social, psychological, and biological changes that accompany aging and an overview of the implications of these changes for the individual, as well as for the larger society.

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Introduction to HR / PeopleSoft Applications | BMGT | 1370

A hands-on overview of the major areas of human resources/PeopleSoft, as illustrated by PeopleSoft software applications. Some topics will cover accessing PeopleSoft, navigating the PeopleSoft interface, understanding PeopleSoft panels, using PeopleSoft panels, and creating queries.

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Introduction to Haircutting and Related Theory | CSME | 1410

Introduction to the theory and practice of hair cutting. Topics include terminology, implements, sectioning and finishing techniques.

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Introduction to Health Professions | HPRS | 1201

An overview of roles of various members of the health care system, educational requirements, and issues affecting the delivery of health care.

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Introduction to Histotechnology | HLAB | 1301

Introduction to the healthcare environment and the histology laboratory. Includes laboratory safety and infection control; healthcare professionals; medical terminology; basic anatomy and physiology; laboratory mathematics; communication; and ethics, legal, and professional issues.

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Introduction to Hospitality Industry | HAMG | 1321

Introduction to the elements of the hospitality industry.

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Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology | BIOL | 2404

Introduction to the study of the structure and function of human anatomy, including the neuroendocrine, integumentary, musculoskeletal, digestive, urinary, reproductive, respiratory, and circulatory systems.

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Introduction to Human Resources | HRPO | 1091

This course is a basic overview of human resources and outlines the major functions, competencies and responsibilities involved in the field of human resources.

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Introduction to Humanities I | HUMA | 1301

This stand-alone course is an interdisciplinary survey of cultures focusing on the philosophical and aesthetic factors in human values with an emphasis on the historical development of the individual and society and the need to create. This course satisfies the Creative Arts or Component Area Option of the HCC core.

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