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Advanced Refinishing | ABDR | 2449

Skill development in multi-stage refinishing techniques. Further development in identification of problems and solutions in color matching and partial panel refinishing.

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Advanced Residential Building Science and Systems | RBPT | 2330

A study of advanced energy efficient and environmentally responsible residential building methodologies and technologies. Includes exploration of alternate residential building systems and climate applicability.

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Advanced Residential Mechanical Systems | RBPT | 2340

A study in matching the size of a mechanical system with a specific heating and/or cooling load to optimize energy efficiency. Ventilation and humidity requirements will be determined. Includes air distribution fundamentals and an exploration of efficiency testing and verification.

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Advanced Spreadsheets | ITSW | 2334

Advanced techniques for developing and modifying spreadsheets. Includes macros and data analysis functions.

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Advanced Technologies in Architectural Design and Drafting | DFTG | 2331

Use of architectural specific software to execute the elements required in designing standard architectural exhibits utilizing custom features to create walls, windows and specific design requirements for construction in residential/commercial and industrial architecture.

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Advanced Technologies in Mechanical Design and Drafting | DFTG | 2335

Use parametric based mechanical design software for mechanical assembly design and drafting.

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Advanced Technologies in Process Plant Design - (AutoPlant) | DFTG | 2371

Use process plant based mechanical design software for specific applications in industrial design and drafting.

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Advanced Ultrasound Physics | DMSO | 2243

Theory and application of ultrasound principles. Includes advances in ultrasound technology.

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Advanced Ultrasound and Review | DMSO | 2130

Knowledge, skills, and professional values within a legal and ethical framework addressing emerging technologies and professional development.

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Advanced Visual Basic.NET Programming | ITSE | 2434

Continuation of Visual Basic.NET programming using advanced features.

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