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Intercultural Communication | TRAI | 1373

This course focuses on important issues of global, national, regional and gender identities seen through the prism of translation activity. It scrutinizes the linguistic and cultural resources employed by translators to assimilate, channel, exploit, and localize discourses and voices in their respective environments. The focus will be on such areas as business, medical and legal areas as well as technical environments.

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Intercultural Management | IBUS | 2341

Cross-cultural comparisons of management and communications processes. Emphasizes cultural geographic distinctions and antecedents that affect individual, group, and organizational behavior. May include sociocultural demographics, economics, technology, political-legal issues, negotiations, and processes of decision making in the international cultural environment.

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Interface Design | IMED | 1341

Skill development in the interface design process including selecting interfaces relative to a project's content and delivery system. Emphasis on aesthetic issues such as iconography, screen composition, colors, and typography.

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Interior Design Graphics (AutoCAD) | INDS | 2305

Skill development in computer-generated graphics and technical drawings for interior design applications.

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Interior Environment Factors | INDS | 2311

A study of human factors affecting the interior environment, including proxemics, ergonomics, and universal design.

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Interior Plants | HALT | 1309

Instruction in the identification and classification of the plants used in home and commercial interior landscapes. Topics include design characteristics for interiorscapes and environmental requirements of the plants.

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Intermediate Arabic II | ARAB | 2312

Continuation of ARAB 2311, but with special emphasis on written communication. Readings, discussions and compositions. Class conducted mainly in Arabic. Core Curriculum Course

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Intermediate Japanese II | JAPN | 2312

Continuation of JAPN 2311. Extensive practice in conversation and composition with emphasis on reading and writing in Kanji.

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Intermediate Accounting I | ACNT | 2303

Critical analysis of general accepted accounting principles, concepts, and theory underlying the preparation of financial statements. Emphasis on current theory and practice. Covers the theoretical and practical basis for financial statements, present value applications, and the theory and practice of accounting for cash, receivables, inventories, liabilities, long-term investments, depreciable and depletable property, and intangible assets.

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Intermediate Accounting II | ACNT | 2304

Continued in-depth analysis of generally accepted accounting principles underlying the preparation of financial statements including comparative analysis and statement of cash flows. Topics also included are bonds, leases, pension plans, corporate paid-in- capital, special purpose securities, retained earnings, tax allocation, inflation accounting, funds statement, and financial statement analysis.

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