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Integrated Read and Write II | INRW | 420

This course is a combined 3 hour lecture/ 2 hour lab (1 hour technology lab & 1 hour writing lab), performance-based course designed to develop student,s critical reading and academic writing skills. The focus of the course will be on applying critical reading skills for organizing, analyzing, and retaining material and developing written work appropriate to the audience, purpose, situation, and length of the assignment. The course integrates intermediate reading skills with intermediate writing skills needed in writing a variety of academic essays and written assignments. This course is designed to prepare students for advanced integrated reading and writing and provide the framework to excel in writing intensive courses. Lab required.

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Integrated Reading/Writing for Non-Native Speakers | ESOL | 360

A continuation of ESOL 0345. This course is designed to further develop conversational skills by incorporating more complicated vocabulary and grammatical structures. Students are also required to present oral reports at various times during the semester.

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Integrated Software Applications I | ITSC | 1309

Integration of applications from popular business productivity software suites. Instruction in embedding data, linking and combining documents using word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and/or presentation media software. Emphasis is on developing end-user proficiency skills for the workplace.

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Integrated Software Applications II (Advanced Word) | ITSC | 2321

Continued study of computer applications from business productivity software suites. Instruction in embedding data and linking and combining documents using word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and/or presentation media software.

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Interactive Audio | IMED | 2312

Music and sound effects. Includes formats, working within memory budgets, interactive systems, and foley libraries. Addresses a range of practical audio-related areas.

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Interactive Digital Media I | IMED | 1345

Exploration of the use of graphics and sound to create interactive digital media applications and/or animations using industry standard authoring software.

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Interactive Storyboarding | GAME | 1302

In-depth coverage of storyboarding for the development of interactive media. Addresses target audience analysis, purpose, goals and objectives, content outline, flow chart, and interactive storyboarding.

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Interactive Writing I | GAME | 1335

Instruction in writing plot, story, setting, and description for every game element and verbal communication based on game concept. Includes the study of traditional narrative practices and interactive fiction requiring creative writing.

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Interactive Writing II | GAME | 2305

Dialog, story, and character development in writing for video games.

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Intercultural Communication | TRAI | 1075

This course focuses on important issues of global, national, regional and gender identities seen through the prism of translation activity. It scrutinizes the linguistic and cultural resources employed by translators to assimilate, channel, exploit, and localize discourses and voices in their respective environments. The focus will be on such areas as business, medical and legal as well as technical environment

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