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Industrial Economics | PTAC | 1350

Examination of the profitability factors of plant operations including personnel and business strategies.

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Industrial Fire Protection | FIRT | 1347

Industrial emergency response teams and specific needs related to hazards in business and industrial facilities.

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Industrial Hygiene Sampling Instrumentation Laboratory | BIOS | 2470

Covers applications of industrial hygiene air and environmental sampling instrumentation including biosafety, radiation safety, chemical safety and nanosafety functions for research laboratories, clinical laboratories and/or petrochemical laboratory environments. Safe practices in the use of handling hazardous materials including shipping of infectious substances, radioactive materials, and nanoparticles and disposal of hazardous wastes are also addressed. Topics also include performing the environmental monitoring for contamination and air quality related to contaminants by biohazard and nano particles to gain experience in this area.

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Industrial Mathematics | TECM | 1301

Math skills applicable to industrial occupations. Includes fraction and decimal manipulation, measurement, percentage, and problem solving techniques for equations and ratio/proportion applications.

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Industrial Processes | PTAC | 1354

Study of the processes employed in process plant operations.

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Industrial Safety | PTRT | 1313

An overview for petroleum and manufacturing workers of state/federal regulations and guidelines which require industrial safety training. Topics include the 29 C.F.R 1910, 1926 standards.

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Information Literacy , Student Inquiry and Libraries | LBRA | 1191

An introduction to the nature, relevance, varieties, availability, and uses of information accessible in libraries and elsewhere, with special emphasis on processes of inquiry and self-directed learning insocial and academic contexts.

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Information Technology Security | ITSY | 1342

Instruction in security for network hardware, software, and data, including physical security; backup procedures; relevant tools; encryption; and protection from viruses.

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Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 | ITMT | 2371

Implement a core Windows Server 2012 infrastructure in an existing enterprise environment which includes:Install and configure servers, configure server roles and features, configure Hyper-V, Deploy and configure core network services, Install and administer Active Directory and Create and manage Group Policy.

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Institutional Pharmacy Practice | PHRA | 1449

Fundamentals of the diverse roles and practice of pharmacy technicians in an institutional pharmacy setting. In-depth coverage of hospital pharmacy organization, work flow and personnel, safety techniques, data entry, packaging and labeling operations, inpatient drug distribution systems including investigational drugs, continuous quality improvement and inventory control.

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