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General Zoology | BIOL | 1413

A general overview of the animal kingdom including principles, life histories, and classification. Emphasis is placed on the vertebrates.

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Genetics | BIOL | 2416

Study of the principles of molecular and classical genetics and the function and transmission of hereditary material. May include population genetics and genetic engineering.

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Geographic Information Science (GIS) | DFTG | 2375

DFTG 2375 Introduction to GIS is designed to teach students: general application of GIS software, acquire qualitative methods skills in data and document gathering, analyzing information, and presenting results.

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications | GISC | 2411

Application of GIS technology to real workplace applications from public and private sectors. Completion of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) fieldwork required for lab exercises.

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German Diction for Singers | MUSI | 2160

Study of phonetic sounds of German to promote ability to sing the language. Open to all vocal students. May be repeated.

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Global Business Simulation | IBUS | 2332

A simulation of a global environment. Students will engage in business practice and theory. The simulation may include researching foreign business cultures and importing and exporting products. Emphasizes participation in all business decisions related to running a simulated company.

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Global Issues and Social Change | SOCI | 2374

A macro level analysis of the dynamic processes of change affecting the increasingly global community, with emphasis on the role of technology. The course will focus on current trends in the broad topics of human ecology, human rights, the environment, culture and the social institutions. Special attention will be devoted to the conflict and security, international governmental and nongovernmental entities, social movements, and the role of the global citizen.

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Global Issues for Enterprise | IBUS | 2370

Global Issues in Enterprise provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities that exist in different countries for creating social enterprise organizations. Topics include: lack of resources, lack of infrastructure, differing legal systems, cultural and social taboos on certain products or means of earning a living, corruption, lack of education as well as upcoming changes such as the impact of the Internet on education in lesser developed countries.

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Global Supply Chain Management | IBUS | 1341

International purchasing or sourcing. Includes the advantages and the barriers of purchasing internationally, global sourcing, procurement technology, and purchasing processes. Emphasizes issues of contract administration, location, and evaluation of foreign suppliers, total cost approach, exchange fluctuations, customs procedures, and related topics.

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Golf II | PHED | 2156

The student will learn advanced golf skills and become familiar with the rules, tournament play and terminology involved in advanced golf.

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