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Game Programming for Non-Programmers | GAME | 1372

Examines the role of a programmer in the development of a game and translation of game design to code. Includes hands-on programming using a high level language.

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Game Scripting | GAME | 2341

Scripting languages with emphasis on game concepts and simulations.

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Game Testing | GAME | 2338

Testing and debugging gaming and simulation applications in the alpha and beta stages of production. Includes critiques of the product and written documentation of the testing and debugging processes.

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Game Theory | GAME | 1212

Game and simulation design. Application of design theories to production-based projects from the conceptual stage to a completed project.

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Garde Manger | CHEF | 1310

A study of specialty foods and garnishes. Emphasis on design, techniques, and display of fine foods.

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Gas and Electric Heating | HART | 1345

A study of components, applications and installation of mechanical air conditioning systems including operating conditions, troubleshooting repair, and charging of air conditioning systems.

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General & Dental Nutrition | DHYG | 1207

General nutrition and nutritional biochemistry with emphasis on the effects of nutrition, dental health, diet, and application of counseling strategies.

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General And Oral Pathology | DHYG | 1339

Disturbances in human body development, diseases of the body, and disease prevention measures with emphasis on the oral cavity and associated structures.

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General Anthropology | ANTH | 2346

This introductory survey of the four subfields of anthropology focuses on the cultural and biological diversity of humans including hominid preHistory, Civilization, , the emergence of Paleolithic cultures, and the agricultural and urban revolutions from an anthropological perspective. Past and present human adaptations and culture are surveyed and analyzed using the comparative and holistic approach of biological anthropology, archaeology, linguistics and ethnology. Core Curriculum Course.

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General Botany | BIOL | 1411

Plant science including survey of the plant kingdom, photosynthesis, respiration, anatomy, reproduction, ecology, and vascular plant taxonomy.

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