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Film Editing and Sound Synchronization | FLMC | 2342

Design and theory of film editing from raw footage to a final release print. Includes preparing film for the lab, setting up opticals, making and shooting titles, hot splicing, sound track dubbing, and obtaining a final release print. Also may include special effects and sync vs. non-sync sound.

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Film and New Media | FLMC | 1371

This interdisciplinary and multimedia course explores the origins, dynamics, and innovation of new media involvement/inclusion in filmmaking. This course will cover the history and importance of evolving technology (smartphones, wearable cameras, digital cameras) and its applications in social communication platforms. The course is designed as an entry-level, general interest class open to all students who have an interest in the roles of New Media in communication, information, and commerce.

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Film and Video Editing | RTVB | 2330

Film and broadcast editing for the preparation and completion of shorts, trailers, documentaries, and features.

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Film-Style 3-D Animation Production | FLMC | 2305

Techniques in 3-D animation for film-style and live action production. Topics include animations fundamentals, 3D modeling, splines and lofts, keyframing, particle effects, rendering.

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Final Cut Pro X, Introduction | CEC | 7236

Make the leap from home video enthusiast to professional video editor using Apple's revolutionary Final Cut Pro X edition software! Whether you are an absolute beginner, an iMovie user, or an editor needing to upgrade from a previous version of Final Cut Pro, this course will prepare you to work on any type of editing project quickly and intuitively.

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Final Project - Advanced Drafting | DFTG | 2338

A drafting course in which students participate in a comprehensive project from conception to conclusion. This course is designed to be repeated multiple times to improve student proficiency.

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Financial Business Administration | BNKG | 2374

Course emphasizes the managerial responsibility of coordinating the many facets of a financial institution. The course covers administration in a regulatory environment, portfolio mix, and the various changes that are happening in this fast paced industry. Special attention is placed on investment areas in which customers are allowed to participate, which banks must have a working knowledge of but are not allowed to invest in.

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Financial Management / PeopleSoft Applications | BMGT | 2310

Emphasis on the development and use of accounting information to support managerial decision-making processes in manufacturing, service, and for-profit settings. Topics include managerial concepts and systems, various analysis for decision making, and planning and control.

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Financial Management/Budgeting for Enterprise Marketing | MRKG | 2377

Financial Management/Budgeting for Enterprise Marketing provides a comprehensive overview of the budgeting needs and processes of financial management that relate specifically to marketing the start-up enterprise (profit or not-for-profit). Enterprises have different financial needs and issues related directly to the development of innovation. This course will teach the students how to market and manage an enterprise will little or no funds, as well as options for obtaining capital with which to launch new ventures.

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Fingerspelling and Numbers (ASL) | SLNG | 1211

Development of expressive and receptive skills in fingerspelling and numbers. Receptive skills focus on whole word phrase recognition and fingerspelling/number comprehension in context. Expressive skills focus on the development of speed, clarity, and fluency.

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