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Advanced Grammar and TOEFL Preparation | ENGL | 320

An advanced grammar review and listening skills development. Excellent preparation for ESL students who must pass the TOEFL in order to transfer to a four-year institution.

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Advanced Grammar for Foreign Speakers | ESOL | 355

A continuation of ESOL 0352. This course provides a review of both essential and finer points of the grammatical structural features of formal written English. Emphasis is placed on active production and error analysis of standard English.

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Advanced Hair Design | CSME | 2439

Advanced concepts in the theory and practice of hair design

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Advanced Haircutting and Related Theory | CSME | 2410

Advanced concepts and practice of haircutting. Topics include haircuts utilizing scissors, razor, and/or clippers.

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Advanced Intermediate Composition for Foreign Speakers | ESOL | 351

A continuation of ESOL 0347. This course concentrates on the development of writing skills, reviews the paragraph and its essential elements, and introduces the multi-paragraph essay.

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Advanced Intermediate Conversation for Foreign Speakers | ESOL | 349

A continuation of ESOL 0345. This course is designed to further develop conversational skills by incorporating more complicated vocabulary and grammatical structures. Students are also required to present oral reports at various times during the semester.

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Advanced Intermediate Grammar for Foreign Speakers | ESOL | 352

A continuation of ESOL 0348. This course provides a review of essential grammatical and structural features while introducing their finer points. Emphasis is placed on compound and complex sentence structures and is designed to lead students toward active mastery of the patterns and principles of formal written English.

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Advanced Intermediate Reading for Foreign Speakers | ESOL | 350

A continuation of ESOL 0346. An advanced intermediate course in reading academically oriented English. This course further develops reading comprehension skills and expands vocabulary. Emphasis is on distinguishing main ideas from supporting details and drawing conclusions.

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Advanced Java Programming | INEW | 2438

A continuation of advanced JAVA programming techniques such as servlets and advanced graphical functions.

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Advanced Landscape Design | HALT | 2331

In-depth coverage of advanced practices in landscape planning for commercial and residential landscapes. Topics include advanced design analysis, architectural elements, space articulation, and land engineering concepts.

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