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DirectX Programming | GAME | 2344

Exploration of the advanced suite of multimedia application programming interfaces (API) built into the Microsoft Windows operating system.

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Directing for Film or Video | FLMC | 2334

Directing to lead a production team. (This course teaches the craft of directing to students who aspire to lead a production team. By analyzing the work of classic and contemporary directors, the class investigates the art and language of filmmaking. Topics include framing and composition, camera angles, camera movement, blocking of actors, visualizing action, and creating a sequence, script breakdown, and techniques for establishing mood, character, and conflict.)

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Discrete Mathematics | MATH | 2305

Topics selected from logic, set theory, combinatories and graph theory.

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Discussion and Small Group Communication | SPCH | 2333

Examines the dynamics of small group communication and discussion situations, including body language. Open to all students, required of majors.

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Distributed Control and Programmable Logic | INTC | 2336

An overview of distributed control systems including configuration of programmable logic controllers, smart transmitters, and field communicators. Functions of digital systems in a process control environment.

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Domestic and International Transportation Management | LMGT | 1323

An overview of the principles and practices of transportation and its role in the distribution process. Emphasis on the physical transportation systems involved in the United States as well as on global distribution systems. Topics include carrier responsibilities and services, freight classifications, rates, tariffs, and public policy and regulations. Also includes logistical geography and the development of skills to solve logistical transportation problems and issues.

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Doppler Physics | DMSO | 2351

Doppler and hemodynamic principles relating to arterial and venous imaging and testing.

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Drafting for Specific Occupations | DFTG | 1313

Discussion of theory and practice with drafting methods and the terminology required to prepare working drawings in specific or various occupational fields.

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Draping | FSHD | 2306

A study of three-dimensional fashion design conceptualizing by draping in muslin or fashion fabric directly on the dress form. Skill development in observing grain of fabric, identifying drapable fabrics and creating designs suitable for draping. Presentation of major fashion designers? draping techniques.

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Drawing for the Absolute Beginner | CEC | 7372

Have you always been interested in drawing, but never really knew how to get started? If so, then this is definitely the course for you! Gain a solid foundation and understanding of the basics to drawing and become the artist you have always dreamed you could be!

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