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Advanced Database | ITSW | 2337

Advanced concepts of database design and functionality.

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Advanced Dental Science | DNTA | 1447

An advanced study of anatomical systems, pharmacology, oral pathology, and developmental abnormalities.

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Advanced Digital Video | ARTV | 2341

Advanced digital video techniques for post-production. Emphasizes integration of special effects and animation for film, video, and the Internet. Exploration of new and emerging compression and video streaming technologies.

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Advanced Electrical Systems | DEMR | 2439

A continuation of basic electrical systems to include lighting, computer controls and accessories. Emphasis on diagnosis, testing, and repair using the various diagnostic tools and procedures for current electronic systems.

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Advanced Film and Video Editing | FLMC | 2344

Exploration of the creative possibilities of non-linear film and video editing. Includes editing aesthetics, titles, graphic design, compositing, and special effects.

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Advanced Floral Design | FMKT | 2331

An in-depth coverage of advanced floral design practices for the retail floral industry. Topics include contemporary floral arrangement styles and trends.

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Advanced Food Preparation | CHEF | 2231

Topics include the concept of pre-cooked food items and the preparation of canapes, hors d'oeuvres, and breakfast items.

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Advanced Game Programming | GAME | 2347

Optimization of student-created games. Includes performance tuning, debugging, designing for test, software architecture design, object-oriented practices for game play, asset management, and coding best practices.

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Advanced Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) | WLDG | 2447

Advanced topics in GMAW welding, including welding in various positions and directions.

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Advanced Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) | WLDG | 2451

Advanced topics in GTAW welding, including welding in various positions and directions.

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