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Design Communication II | ARTC | 2347

An advanced study of the design process and art direction. Emphasis on form and content through the selection, creation, and integration of typographic, photographic, illustrative, and design elements.

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Design Construction Techniques | FSHD | 1351

A continuation of Ready-to-Wear Construction with emphasis on design details. Instruction in basic manipulation of a commercial pattern to create individual design details, dressmaking and fully lined unstructured garments in intermediate level fabrics.

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Design and Creation of Games | GAME | 1306

Introduction to game and simulation development. Includes analysis of existing applications and their play elements. In-depth coverage of the elements of the application and examination of social issues, genres, and trends. Also covers creation of design documents, investigation of why people play games, review of technological and cultural History, Civilization, of electronic games, survey of the major innovators and historical figures of the industry, and examination of the trends and taboos that motivate game design.

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Designing Effective Websites | CEC | 7229

This course will help you become familiar with good user interface design techniques that will allow your visitors to navigate your site with ease. Students will also understand how users read on the Web and the characteristics of effective Web writing. In addition, students will learn important graphic design principles and how to use a variety of tools to enhance your pages

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Desktop Publishing | POFI | 2331

In-depth coverage of desktop publishing terminology, text editing, and use of design principles. Emphasis on layout techniques, graphics, multiple page displays, and business applications.

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Developing Mathmatical Thinking | MATH | 311

The first in a two-term course, to be paired with a college-level MATH 1442 STAT II: Statistics for non-STEM majors in the second term. The course prepares students for the mathematical and statistical reasoning required in order to successfully complete the college-level statistics course. Topics include histograms, measures of central tendency and variation, functions and their graphs, rational exponents, various algebraic expressions, relationships between two variables, scatter diagrams, correlations and regression. A departmental final examination must be passed with 60% or better in order to pass this course.

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Development Writing | ENGL | 100

An individualized curriculum for students whose test scores demonstrate high proficiency but do not meet state requirements for placement into college level course work. This course will present a concentrated review of the Writing Process and basic grammar and sentence structure. Department Chair approval required.

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Developmental Math | MATH | 101

An individualized curriculum intended for students who have completed the college developmental math sequence through MATH 0312, but have yet to demonstrate achievement of the appropriate standard or department chair. Counselor?s approval required.

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Developmental Reading I | GUST | 341

Developmental Reading I is designed to address the developmental reader?s need for direct instruction in basic reading behaviors that are essential to the acquisition of knowledge in the content areas. Instruction is based on an interactive reading method with emphasis on learning to learn. These key skills include previewing chapters, selecting and organizing the information read and critical reading, making informed decisions about that information.

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Developmental Reading II | GUST | 342

Developmental Reading II is a continuation of reading skills introduced in GUST 0341. Stronger emphasis is on critical reading and thinking skills. The goal of GUST 0342 is to teach students to analyze materials thoughtfully, synthesize materials from various sources, and apply this information to their reading.

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