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Cultural Anthropology | ANTH | 2351

This course focuses on culture, the ways people live and give meaning, form and organization to their lives as they adapt to various environments and conditions both in and beyond the borders of the U.S. Study of the descriptions and analysis of cultural diversity provide the basis for evaluating cultural components of everyday life including recognition of ethnocentrism, intercultural communication and understanding local and ?global? culture in a multicultural and transforming world. Core Curriculum Course.

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Current Concepts in Physical Therapy | PTHA | 2250

Current concepts, skills, and knowledge in the provision of physical therapy services. Includes enhancement of professional development.

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Curriculum Resources for Early Childhood Programs | CDEC | 1313

A study of the fundamentals of curriculum design and implementation in developmentally appropriate programs for children.

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Custom Patterns | FSHD | 1332

Skill development in taking body measurements. Instruction in developing custom fittings for customized patterns. In depth coverage of the process of transferring a custom body fitted canvas to a basic dress form and padding it for custom sizing.

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Customer Service Fundamentals Course | CEC | 7212

Develop new skills in identifying and satisfying customer needs, and become an indispensable asset to any organization. You will discover the best methods for measuring customer service and for applying the principles of consumer behavior to your business. You will become proficient with key customer service concepts, including target marketing, market segmentation, the marketing mix, and quality function deployment

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DC Circuits | CETT | 1403

A study of the fundamentals of direct current including Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's laws and circuit analysis techniques.

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DC-AC Circuits | CETT | 1409

Fundamentals of DC circuits and AC circuits operation including Ohm's law, Kirchoff's laws, networks, transformers, resonance, phasors, capacitive and inductive and circuit analysis techniques.

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Dairy Science | AGRI | 1311

Survey of dairy industries: dairy breeds, standards for selecting and culling, herd replacements, feeding, management, physiology, and health maintenance. Food value of milk, tests for composition and quality, use and processing of market milk and dairy products.

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Dance Appreciation | DANC | 2303

Introduction to dance designed for the general student. This course explores what is dance, who makes it, and why it is made. Through lecture, multimedia, and live performances, students are presented with examples from many world cultures. This course satisfies the Creative Arts or Component Area Option of the HCC core.

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Dance Composition - Choreography | DANC | 1301

This course provides various improvisational and compositional tools to expand movement vocabulary and create basic dance studies. Through this process students will develop an understanding of dance as an art form. Studies will be presented in both solo and group format.

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