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Advance Personal Fitness Trainer | CEC | 2081

This Online Certificate Program will help you further your personal training education and incorporate specialized resistance training and functional movements. Learn a variety of advanced training skills and how to form effective partnerships with registered dietitians so you can develop nutritional programs for your clients.

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Advanced Accounting | ACNT | 2333

Methods of measuring and communicating economic information, including consolidated statements, partnerships, real estate, foreign operations, and fund units.

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Advanced Air Conditioning Controls | HART | 2334

Theory and application of electrical control devices, electromechanical controls, and/or pneumatic controls.

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Advanced Barber Styling I | BARB | 2431

Advanced skills in all areas of haircutting hairstyling and skincare. Introduction to haircoloring techniques.

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Advanced Barber Styling II | BARB | 2441

Continuation of Advanced Barber Styling I with further refinement of all skills and theory for licensure.

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Advanced C# Programming | ITSE | 2453

Continuation of C# programming using advanced features of the .NET Framework Class Library.

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Advanced Cardiac Life Support | RSPT | 2239

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) with an emphasis on airway management. Designed to develop skills for resuscitation of the adult. Includes strategies for managing and stabilizing the cardiopulmonary arrested patient. May include certification.

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Advanced Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology | RSPT | 1240

Provides an advanced presentation of anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular and pulmonary system.

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Advanced Communications in Management | BMGT | 2305

Putting it all together/PeopleSoft: group projects, team applications, and implementation of results

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Advanced Composition for Foreign Speakers | ESOL | 354

A continuation of ESOL 0351. This course concentrates on elements of essay organization. Students are required to produce well-organized, well-substantiated essays.

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