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Basic Pipefitting | PFPB | 1008

In this course, you will learn the mathematical operations necessary to calculate laying lengths of pipefittings for fabrication. Demonstrate safe use of hand tools and power tools; and identify materials used in pipefitting.

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Basic Plumbing | PFPB | 1003

Development of skills and knowledge required to install drains, vents, water lines, gas lines, and plumbing fixtures used in buildings.

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Basic Radiographic Procedures | RADR | 1411

An introduction to radiographic positioning terminology, the proper manipulation of equipment, positioning and alignment of the anatomical structure and equipment, and evaluation of images for proper demonstration of basic anatomy.

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Basic Refinishing | ABDR | 1431

An introduction to current refinishing products, shop safety, and equipment used in the automotive refinishing industry. Emphasis on surface preparation, masking techniques, and refinishing of trim and replacement parts.

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Basic Respiratory Care Pharmacology | RSPT | 1213

A study of basic pharmacological principles/practices of respiratory care drugs. Emphasis on classification, routes of administration, dosages/calculations, and physiological interaction.

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Basic Ultrasound Physics | DMSO | 1202

Basic acoustical physics and acoustical waves in human tissue. Emphasis is on ultrasound transmission in soft tissues, attenuation of sound energy, parameters affecting sound transmission and resolution of sound beams.

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Basketball | PHED | 1131

Instruction in the rules and techniques of basketball. Students will learn game specific techniques (dribbling, shooting, defense, offense) and become familiar with the basic strategies, rules, tournament play and terminology.

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Beginning Arabic I | ARAB | 1411

Fundamental skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Includes basic vocabulary, grammatical structures, and culture. Core Curriculum Course.

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Beginning Chinese II | CHIN | 1412

Continuation of Chinese 1411. Further development of listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and cultural awareness. More advanced grammar. Transfers as foreign language credit. Core Curriculum Course.

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Beginning Russian I | RUSS | 1411

Introduction to Russian language and culture. Development of basic skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural awareness. Course includes vocabulary building, conversation and grammar. Transfers as foreign language credit. Core Curriculum Course.

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