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Music Business - Administration Specialization - AAS

The Music Business Specialization provides students with the knowledge and experience to gain employment in the exciting fields of the music entertainment industry. Students learn to be music businessmen and women, music arrangers, songwriters, producers and performers. In addition to music business and traditional academic music studies, these programs provide interdisciplinary training in computer based music production technologies, entertainment business strategies, and popular music performance. The commercial music field is where the greatest amount of music industry employment is to be found.

Music Business Certificate Level 1

The Music Business certificate gives students a solid foundation for the Music Business industry. All courses earned apply to the Music Business AAS degree.

Nuclear Medicine Technology - AAS

The Nuclear Medicine Technology program combines academic study with clinical laboratory experience at affiliated hospitals. Graduates of the program may find employment in the areas of nuclear imaging, nuclear cardiology, PET and fusion technology. The Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology has granted full accreditation status to this program. (Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology, 2000 W. Danforth Rd., Ste. 130 #203, Edmond, OK 73003, 405.285.0546. A graduate of this 24-month program is eligible to take a certification and/or registry examination in Nuclear Medicine Technology.) The following courses BIOL 2301, BIOL 2101 Anatomy and Physiology I, BIOL 2302, BIOL 2102 Anatomy and Physiology II, CHEM 1405 Introductory Chemistry I, MATH 1314 College Algebra, SCIT 1320 Physics for Allied Health are prerequisites for admission to the Nuclear Medicine Technology -AAS program. Total Credits in the Prerequisite Semester are 21.

Nursery and Floral Production Certificate Level 1

(Deactivation pending SACSCOC Approval. Enrollment is closed to new students.)The Nursery and Floral Production certificate program enables students to gain an understanding of the latest technology, materials, and methods required in the growing, maintenance, distribution, and sale of nursery and floral plant material. The curriculum prepares students for work as wholesale growers of nursery stock, including woody ornamentals and foliage, bedding plants, potted flowering plants, cut flowers, and fruits and vegetables.

Nursing - AAS

The following courses ENGL 1301 (3 credits), BIOL 2301 (3 credits), BIOL 2101 (1 credit), PSYC 2301 (3 credits), and BIOL 2320 (3 credits), BIOL 2120 (1 credit) are required before admission to the Nursing-AAS program. These courses are included on the degree plan as a prerequisite semester.

Occupational Therapy Assistant - AAS

The Occupational Therapy Assistant curriculum prepares graduates to provide skilled health care services under the supervision of licensed occupational therapists. Working collaboratively, the OTA is trained to provide services to consumers across the life span, particularly those with challenges (i.e. disease, injury, illness, wellness, prevention), that prevent active independent 'living life to its fullest' through daily occupations and tasks. Services may include, but are not limited to, treating a wide range of physical, developmental, psychological, social, and emotional conditions. Principles, theories and treatment interventions that emphasize best practices are the hallmark of this profession's repertoire. Examples of types of intervention(s) include therapeutic exercises and activities, motor and life skills training, Basic Activities of Daily Living (BADL), and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) training, adaptive technological use and training, splint construction and usage, home modification, work-related intervention, psychosocial group programs, and consumer/care-giver education. The following courses EDUC 1300, BIOL 2301, BIOL 2101, PSYC 2301, OTHA 1201 are prerequisites for admission to the Occupational Therapy Assistant-AAS program. Total Credits Prereq Semester -12

Offshore Drilling Technician - Certificate (Deactivated)

Petroleum Engineering Technology is a program designed to prepare individuals to work as Petroleum Engineering Technicians in the oil and gas and related industries. The petroleum industry hires these highly skilled individuals for multiple field and office positions.

Paralegal Technology - Legal Assistant - AAS

The Paralegal Technology program prepares individuals to perform research, drafting, investigation, record-keeping and related administrative functions under the supervision of an attorney or court or business. The program includes instruction in legal research, document drafting, law office procedures, pleadings, courthouse procedures, and legal specialization.

Paralegal Technology - Law Office Clerk Certificate Level 1

The Law Office Clerk certificate is a stepping-stone to the Paralegal Technology degree. This certificate allows students who are interested in working in a law office to gain entry to the legal world while working on courses which will advance them to a Paralegal position.

Paralegal Technology - Legal Assistant - Medical Specialization Certificate Level 1

The Legal Assistant-Medical Specialization is a step towards the Paralegal Technology degree from HCC with an emphasis in medical legal training. This certificate allows a student to work in a law office or corporation as an assistant to an attorney or a trained paralegal. The training and education offered by the certificate is ideal for those students who are interested, have been employed or who are currently employed in the medical field. It consists of 30 semester hours which provides adequate training in the skills necessary to be a trained Legal Assistant with a medical specialization.

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