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Basic Brake Systems | DEMR | 1317

Basic principles of brake systems of diesel powered equipment. Emphasis on maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting.

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Basic CAD-Microstation | DFTG | 1370

A study of process plant design and layout while developing the basic knowledge of pipe fittings, symbols, specifications, and their applications in the piping process systems. The learner will demonstrate the use of piping symbols and the processes used to develop flow diagrams, piping plans, elevations, and isometrics.

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Basic Computer - Aided Drafting AutoCAD | DFTG | 1309

An introduction to computer-aided drafting. Emphasis is placed on setup; creating and modifying geometry; storing and retrieving predefined shapes; placing, rotating, and scaling objects, adding text and dimensions, using layers, coordinate systems and plot/print to scale.

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Basic Counseling Skills | DAAC | 1417

Presents the basic counseling skills necessary to develop an effective helping relationship with clients.

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Basic Electrical Systems | DEMR | 1305

Basic principles of electrical systems of diesel powered equipment with emphasis on starters, alternators, and batteries.

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Basic Electrical Theory | ELPT | 1311

Basic theory and practice of electrical circuits. Includes calculations as applied to alternating and direct current.

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Basic Electricity for HVAC | HART | 1301

Principles of electricity as required by HVAC, including proper use of test equipment, electrical circuits, and component theory and operation.

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Basic Elements of Design | INDS | 1301

A study of basic design concepts with projects in shape, line, value, texture, pattern, spatial illusion, and form.

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Basic English Language Skills | COMG | 1000

The purpose of this Basic English language Skills course is to introduce students to workplace English skills. Oral and listening skills and conversational fluency are emphasized in everyday public and workplace communication. The instruction includes vocabulary, grammar, listening, pronunciation, writing, numeracy, and viewing exercises for practice. The course is for the adult learner who has had very little or no exposure to the English language.

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Basic Fluid Power | ELMT | 1305

Basic fluid power course covering pneumatic and hydraulic systems, fluid power symbols, operating theory, components, and basic electrical and manual controls.

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