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Western Civilization II | HIST | 2312

Development of modern western civilization from 1660 to 1945. This course satisfies the Language, Philosophy and Culture or Component Area Option of the HCC core.

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Wildlife Conservation and Management | AGRI | 2330

Principles and practices used in the production and improvement of wildlife resources for aesthetic, ecological, and recreational uses of public and private lands.

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Wills , Trusts and Probate Administration | LGLA | 1353

This course presents fundamental concepts of the law of wills, trusts, and probate administration with emphasis on the paralegal?s role.

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Wind Power Delivery System | WIND | 2459

Components, equipment, and infrastructure used in the production and transmission of electricity as related to wind turbine power.

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Wind Safety | WIND | 1302

Introduction to safety procedures and practices relating to turbine towers. Includes first aid training and CPR certifications.

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Wind Turbine Materials and Electro - Mechanical Equipment | WIND | 2310

Identification and analysis of the components and systems of wind turbine.

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Windows 7 Configuration | ITMT | 1371

A study of Windows 7 operating system; installation, configuratio, and troubleshooting; file management; users accounts and permissions; security features; network connectivity; setup of external devices; optimazation and customization; and deployment of application, with hands-on experience.

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Windows Client Operating System | ITMT | 1370

Install, configure, and troubleshoot windows to include: Install and upgrade to Windows 8.1 (10/15%) Configure hardware and applications (10/15%) Configure network connectivity (10/15%) Configure access to resources (10/15%) Configure remote access and mobility (15/20%) Monitor and maintain Windows clients (10?15%) Configure system and data recovery options (10/15%)

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Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration | ITMT | 2002

Students will be introduced to Active Directory Domain Services and learns how to implement and work with Active Directory Sites. Furthermore, this course covers security planning and administrative delegation, configure the user and computer environment using group policies, perform software installation with group polices, configure name resolution and configure active directory certificate services.

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Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration | ITMT | 2302

A study of Active Directory Service on Windows Server 2008. Concepts of resource management within an enterprise network environment.

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