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Theory I | MUSI | 1211

Basic music theory with emphasis on part writing of figured bass and melody harmonization requiring all diatonic triads, dominant and supertonic seventh chords, and non-harmonic tones. Keyboard study of harmonic progressions and melodic harmonizations requiring diatonic triads. Required of majors.

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Theory II | MUSI | 1212

A continuation of MUSI 1211. Required of majors.

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Theory III | MUSI | 2211

Emphasis on part-writing, figured bass, and melody harmonization and compositional techniques using all diatonic chords, modulations, instrumental and choral styles, two- and three-part forms. Keyboard study of harmonic progressions, melody harmonizations and modulations to closely related keys. Required of majors.

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Theory IV | MUSI | 2212

Continuation of MUSI 2211. Required of majors.

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Theory of Automatic Transmission and Transaxle | AUMT | 2223

Theory of operation, hydraulic principles, and related circuits of modern automatic transmissions and transaxles. Discussion of diagnosing and repair techniques.

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Theory of Exercise Program Design and Instruction | FITT | 2409

The study of health-related components of physical fitness including cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Topics include the theoretical basis underlying physical fitness: instructional techniques for fitness development; and methods for leading an exercise session, including design, biomechanics, instruction, and evaluation. (Spring semester only)

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Therapeutic Exercise | PTHA | 2509

Concepts, principles, and application of techniques related to therapeutic exercise and functional training.

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Therapeutic Interventions I | OTHA | 1319

Concepts, techniques, and assessments leading to proficiency in skills and activities used as treatment interventions in occupational therapy (OT). Emphasizes the Occupational Therapy Assistant?s role in the OT process.

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Therapeutic Interventions II | OTHA | 2305

Continuation of Therapeutic Interventions I. Emphasis on current rehabilitative interventions.

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Therapeutic Use of Occupations or Activities I | OTHA | 1315

Various occupations or activities used as therapeutic interventions in occupational therapy. Emphasis on awareness of activity demands, contexts, adapting, grading, and safe implementation of occupations or activities.

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