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Stationary Engineering - 2nd Grade License Review | CBFM | 1007

This course is designed to acquaint individuals with Stationary maintenance procedures for boiler installers. Individuals will be introduced to techniques used to analyze, troubleshoot, evaluate and diagnose instrumentation used to monitor boiler operations. This course conforms to the City of Houston's code requirements for the boiler licensure exam.

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Stationary Engineering - 3rd Grade License Review | CBFM | 1003

An introduction to boiler maintenance procedures with emphasis on the various components associated with boilers.

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Statistical Methods in Psychology | PSYC | 2317

An introduction to the use of scientific methods in psychology and to the statistical analysis of data. Attention is given to descriptive and inferential statistical methodology including t-tests, analysis of variance, correlation and regression. Core Curriculum Course.

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Steering and Suspension I | DEMR | 1330

A study of design, function, maintenance, and repair of steering and suspension systems. Emphasis on troubleshooting and repair of failed components.

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Sterile Processing | SRGT | 1371

In-depth coverage of specialized surgical modalities in endoscopy, microsurgery, therapeutic surgical energies, and other integrated science technologies.

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Storage Area Network (SAN) | ITMT | 2374

Foundational knowledge necessary to perform essential job duties in a Storage Area Network (SAN) environment. Students learn the architecture and components of a SAN and the technology underpinning that make SANs work.

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Storyboard | ARTV | 1111

Determine a project's content; choose or create graphics; and sequence the content to convey the message.

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Strength of Materials | ENTC | 1423

Study of the relationship between externally applied forces and internally induced stresses and the resulting deformations in structural members. The student will identify the principle behind moments of interim and explain the relationship between that principle and the shape?s cross-sectional geometry and reference axis; and calculate the torsional shearing stress on a solid round shaft subjected to various torques and horsepower requirements.

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Strings / Bass | MUAP | 1213

For courses numbered 11xx and 12xx, thes are Freshman level, one-half hour lesson and one-hour lessons per week, respectively. Half-hour lessons require six practice hours per week; hour lessons, ten practice hours per week. Hour lessons may be divided into two 30-minute lessons per week by mutual consent of the student and the instructor. Lessons may be repeated (maximum 7 times in any combination) with permission of the respective department heads and are required of appropriate majors(s). Juries are required. Students provide all instruments but piano and percussion equipment. A MUSI co-requisite is required. Private instruction is offered to music majors only. Half-hour lessons earn 1 credit (1 lecture). Hour lessons earn 2 credits (2 lecture).

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Structural Analysis and Damage Repair I | ABDR | 1441

Expanded training in the roughing and shaping procedures on automotive sheet metal necessary to make satisfactory body repairs. Emphasis on the alignment of component parts such as doors, hood, front-end assemblies, and deck lids.

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