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Applied Physical Principles | PTHA | 1229

The application of physical principles to selected interventions in physical therapy.

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Applied Physics | SCIT | 1418

Introduction to physics for industrial applications including vectors, motion, mechanics, simple machines, matter, heat, and thermodynamics.

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Architectural Blueprint Reading | DFTG | 1315

The fundamentals of blueprint reading for the construction industry will be examined.

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Architectural Drafting - Commercial | DFTG | 2328

Architectural drafting procedures, practices, and symbols including the preparation of detailed working drawings for a commercial building, with emphasis on commercial construction methods.

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Architectural Drafting - Residential | DFTG | 1317

Architectural drafting procedures, practices, and symbols, including preparation of detailed working drawings for residential structure with emphasis on light frame construction methods.

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Architectural Materials and Methods of Construction | ARCE | 1303

Properties, specifications, vendor references, and uses of materials as related to architectural systems of structures.

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Argumentation and Debate | SPCH | 2335

Study of principles of argumentation and debate. Practice in preparing written and spoken arguments. Open to all students.

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Arranging & Composition | MUAP | 1292

For courses numbered 11xx and 12xx, thes are Freshman level, one-half hour lesson and one-hour lessons per week, respectively. Half-hour lessons require six practice hours per week; hour lessons, ten practice hours per week. Hour lessons may be divided into two 30-minute lessons per week by mutual consent of the student and the instructor. Lessons may be repeated (maximum 7 times in any combination) with permission of the respective department heads and are required of appropriate majors(s). Juries are required. Students provide all instruments but piano and percussion equipment. A MUSI co-requisite is required. Private instruction is offered to music majors only. Half-hour lessons earn 1 credit (1 lecture). Hour lessons earn 2 credits (2 lecture).

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Arranging and Composition I | MUSI | 1386

Discussion and practical applications in arranging and composing for various types of musical ensembles and styles. Further study in orchestration.

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Arranging and Composition II | MUSI | 2386

Arranging and composition projects including composition and copying. Composition techniques using sound synthesis, mid-sequencing and sampling techniques. Additional projects may include song writing, show writing, jingles, video and film.

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