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Fire and Arson Investigator - Occupational Skills Award

The Fire and Arson Investigator Occupational Skills Award (OSA) provides students work in a public or private organization to investigate fires and determine the cause and origin. It also provides the certification to give credibility to testimony of cause and origin of fires. Students completing the OSA will be able to list possible motives for fire setters and describe the elements of investigation practices.

Fire Inspector - Occupational Skills Award

The Fire Inspector Occupational Skills Award (OSA) provides students with work inspecting buildings and occupancies for fire hazards. It also provides certification for individuals to enforce building and occupancy codes to prevent loss of life and prevent fires. Students completing the OSA should be able to utilize the appropriate codes, list types of construction and occupancy classifications, identify building service equipment, processes and hazards, list different types of fire protection systems, water supply and be able to review blueprints and make corrections that comply with current codes.

Fire Instructor - Occupational Skills Award

The series of three courses provides training required to apply for the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) Fire Instructor I, II, and III certifications.These courses also provide a three-course certification step to becoming a Training Program Manager.

Fire Officer I - Certificate

The Fire Officer I certificate is offered to fire fighters who complete the required courses and who reach the level of competency described by NFPA standard 1021. These six courses allow fire fighters to take the Fire Officer I test from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

Fire Science and Safety - AAS

Students seeking a career in the Fire Service can receive a certification required to work as a fire fighter in the State of Texas. By completing this AAS degree, students are eligible to take the State exam. The demand for firefighters is increasing, and those with certification and an associate degree have an educational advantage over those with a basic certification. These awards meet the educational need for advanced certification from the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.

Accounting - Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Certificate

This certificate addresses the role of the Forensic Accountant and Fraud Examiner. Curriculum includes specialized topics in accounting as well as investigative techniques on how to collect, analyze, and evaluate evidential matter, and to interpret and communicate findings. These are important skills when calculating damages in court cases or lawsuits. Graduates of the Accounting Program seeking further training in Forensic Accounting may pursue this certificate.

Geographic Information Science Analyst - Certificate

Geographic Information Science works in partnership with industry to provide quality workforce education in the new, rapidly expanding fields of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS). The programs use up-to-date technology and afford students a wide variety of employment opportunities in the corporate world and government agencies. GIS specialists work with GIS computer programs that enable the user to create maps and other graphics that can be layered with other data.

Geographic Information Science Technician - Certificate

Students may complete the GIS certificate or may apply for up to 15 hours of advanced placement of GIS credit based on successful completion of 36 months of work experience reviewed by the program chair.

Cosmetology - Hair Weaving Entrepreneur - Certificate

The Hair Weaving Entrepreneur certificate prepares the student with the training and skills necessary to work as a specialist in hair weaving and braiding in the natural hair care industry or a styling salon. Students are trained in hair additions, wigs and hairpieces, basic hair weaving including hair weaving repair and removal of weft, sizing and finishing hair ends by hand or the use of mechanical equipment.

Health Care Career Academy - Certificate

The Health Care Career Academy (HCCA) educates students about the health care industry in preparation for entry-level employment and selection of an appropriate educational program. Students will explore and determine their personal fit to various occupations within the health care industry and create a health career educational plan to achieve their professional goals. All learning and skill developments will be completed in preparation for entry-level employment and completion of a health career program leading to certification, licensure, and/or degree.