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Applied Instrumental Analysis II | CTEC | 2431

Advanced topics in instrumental analysis. Topics include atomic absorption, inductively coupled plasma, nuclear magnetic resonance, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography, and infrared spectroscopy.

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Applied Instrumental Analysis | CTEC | 1441

Principles of instrumental chemical analysis. Topics include chromatography, spectroscopy, and electroanalytical chemistry.

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Applied Music : Conducting II | MUSC | 2249

Advanced private lessons in conducting. Continues development of conducting techniques, score reading abilities, and study of musical terminology.

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Applied Music : Conducting | MUSC | 1249

Private lessons in conducting. Development of technique through the practice of basic beat patterns, beginning beats, gesturing, and cueing. Emphasis on score reading and knowledge of musical terminology.

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Applied Organic Chemistry I | SCIT | 2401

Applications of the chemistry carbon emphasizing industry-related laboratory skills and competencies.

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Applied Organic Chemistry II | SCIT | 2402

Continuation of the applications of the chemistry of carbon compounds emphasizing industry-related laboratory skills and competencies. Includes reaction mechanisms, spectroscopy, and synthetic methods.

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Applied Petrochemical Technology | CTEC | 1401

Instruction in the basic principles of physics and their application to process facilities. Topics include units of measurement; gas laws; thermodynamics; temperature; pressure; and the properties of solids, liquids, and gases and how these properties relate to the operation of process equipment.

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Applied Physical Principles | PTHA | 1229

The application of physical principles to selected interventions in physical therapy.

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Applied Physics | SCIT | 1418

Introduction to physics for industrial applications including vectors, motion, mechanics, simple machines, matter, heat, and thermodynamics.

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Architectural Blueprint Reading | DFTG | 1315

The fundamentals of blueprint reading for the construction industry will be examined.

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