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Principles of Facial / Skin Care Technology II | CSME | 1545

A continuation of the concepts and principles in skin care and other related technologies. Topics include advanced instruction in anatomy, physiology, theory, and related skills of facial and Skin care technology.

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Principles of Facial / Skin Care Technology III | CSME | 2531

Advanced concepts and principles of skin care and other related technologies.

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Principles of Finance | BUSG | 1303

Financial dynamics of a business. Includes monetary and credit theory, cash inventory, capital management, and consumer and government finance. Emphasizes the time value of money.

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Principles of Financial Accounting | ACCT | 2301

This course covers the fundamentals of financial accounting, including double-entry accounting and the accounting cycle. Other topics include cash, receivables, inventories, plant assets, liabilities, partnerships, corporation, investments, statement of cash flows and interpretation of financial statements.

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Principles of Food Science | AGRI | 1329

Technological and scientific aspects of modern industrial food supply systems. Food classification, nutritional considerations, modern processing, and quality control.

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Principles of Food and Beverage Controls | RSTO | 2301

A study of financial principle and controls of food service operation including review of operation policies and procedures. Topics include financial budgeting and cost analysis emphasizing food and beverage labor costs, operational analysis, and internal and regulatory reporting procedures.

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Principles of Game Concept Art | GAME | 1375

A study of traditional art techniques and its applications to game concept art.

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Principles of Healthy Cuisine | CHEF | 1302

Introduction to the principles of planning, preparation, and presentation of nutritionally balanced meals. Adaptation of basic cooking techniques to lower the fat and caloric content. Alternative methods and ingredients will be used to achieve a healthier cooking style.

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Principles of Horticulture | HALT | 1301

An overview of the horticulture industry, plant science, terminology, classification, propagation, environmental responses, and careers and opportunities in the field of horticulture.

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Principles of Imports | IBUS | 1302

Practices and processes of import management operations. Includes government controls and compliance. Emphasizes the preparation and understanding of import documents such as customs invoices, packing lists, and commercial invoices.

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