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Parliamentary Law and Procedure | SPCH | 1146

Parliamentary law and procedure as needed by club leaders and sponsors of school clubs and other organizations. Course includes lecture material, practice sessions with hypothetical cases and the reading of collateral material from library sources.

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Pathophysiology for the PTA | PTHA | 1321

Study of the pathophysiology of diseases/conditions encountered in physical therapy.

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Pathophysiology in Occupational Therapy | OTHA | 2301

Pathology and general health management of diseases and injuries across the lifespan encountered in occupational therapy treatment settings. Includes etiology, symptoms, and the client?s physical and psychological reactions to disease and injury.

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Pathophysiology | HPRS | 2201

Study of the pathology and general health management of diseases and injuries across the life span. Topics include etiology, symptoms, and the physical and psychological reaction to diseases and injuries.

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Patient Assessment and Airway Management | EMSP | 1356

A detailed study of the knowledge and skills required to perform patient assessment and airway management.

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Patient Care (Ethics) | RADR | 1303

An introduction in patient assessment, infection control procedures, emergency and safety procedures, communication and patient interaction skills, and basic pharmacology.

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Patient Care Technician/Assistant | NUPC | 1320

A course designed to provide the student with the necessary training, skills, and knowledge needed to gain employment as a Patient Care Technician in a hospital setting.

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Pattern Grading | FSHD | 2341

Instruction in sizing standard patterns larger and smaller for the mass production of apparel. A study of 1", 1-1/2", and 2" and S-M-L-XL grade rules and their applications. Skill development in grading basic and fashion patterns with the ruler, the grading machine, and the computer.

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Pay Per Click Marketing | CEC | 3007

The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing Online Training Program is a series of three bundled courses designed to give you the knowledge necessary to set up, monitor and maintain successful campaigns to promote your web site via paid advertising on the major search engines and their network of partner sites.

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Payroll Accounting | ACNT | 1029

A study of payroll procedures, taxing entities, and reporting requirements of local, state, and federal taxing authorities in a manual and computerized environment.

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