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Network + Certification | CPMT | 1049

Network + Technicians assist in installing, setting up, testing, maintaining, and troubleshooting local area network (LANs) and/or wide area network (WANs). They are responsible for routine tasks such as adding new accounts, assigning passwords, and keeping a variety of logs. Network + Technicians communicate with LAN Managers or Network Analysts about specific network problems, and are involved in updating and/or repairing systems.

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Network Defense and Countermeasures | ITSY | 2345

This is a practical application and comprehensive course that includes the planning, design, and construction of a complex network that will sustain an attack, document events, and mitigate the effects of the attack. This is a capstone course.

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Network Troubleshooting and Support | ITNW | 2335

Troubleshoot and support networks with emphasis on solving real world problems in a hands-on environment. Topics include troubleshooting and research techniques, available resources, and network management hard/software.

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Network+ | ITNW | 1358

Prepares individuals for a career as a Network Engineer in the Information Technology support industry. Includes the various responsibilities and tasks required for service engineer to successfully perform in a specific environment. Prepares individuals to pass the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Network+ certification exam.

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Neurology | PTHA | 2205

Study of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology as it relates to commonly encountered neurological conditions.

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News Editing and Copy Reading I | COMM | 2309

Trains students in writing newspaper and magazine feature articles and editorials. Examines topic selection and location of background source material, plus market and reader analysis. Discusses free-lance market and adapting style to different audiences and publications. (formerly COMM 2310).

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News Publication III | COMM | 2129

Work on the staff of one of the college publications. Students are required to work on the staff of at least one of the official college publications for prescribed periods under faculty supervision.

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News Reporting | COMM | 2315

Continuation of COMM 2311.

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Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation | NMTT | 1409

Application of instrumentation used in the measurement and analysis of ionizing radiation with emphasis on gamma spectrometry and quality assurance.

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Nuclear Medicine Methodology II | NMTT | 2309

Principles and practices involved in nuclear medicine regarding cardiovascular, genitourinary, respiratory systems, and miscellaneous procedures. Emphasizes patient care, anatomy, physiology, radiopharmaceuticals, instrumentation, data processing and analysis, and diagnostic value.

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