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Military Leadership Development II | MLSC | 2220

Continuation of MLSC 2210. Cooperative program with the University of Houston Army ROTC department.

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Military Leadership I | MLSC | 1210

Open to all students. No military commitment is required. Principles of effective leadership; reinforcement of self-confidence through participation in physically and mentally challenging training with upper division ROTC students; development of communication skills to improve individual performance and group interaction. Relate ethical values to the effectiveness of leadership. Survival skills and self-defense. Cooperative program with the University of Houston Army ROTC department.

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Military Leadership II | MLSC | 1220

Continuation of MLSC 1210. Cooperative program with the University of Houston Army ROTC department.

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Millinery | FSHD | 1235

A study of the basic skills and methods used to create hats. An application of the techniques used to design and produce hats for fashion, theater, historic reproduction and educational instruction purposes.

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Minority Studies I | SOCI | 2319

An in depth theoretical and practical Sociological analysis that examines historical and contemporary minority issues, including race and ethnicity, using historical and modern demographic data such as life span, birth rates, marriage patterns, business ownership, educational attainment, migration data, and assimilation/pluralism patterns as well as the impact of economic and social globalization on minorities in the United States and the world.

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Mobile & Desktop Web Developer | CEC | 3004

Expand your career possibilities by learning Web Development. Build dynamic websites, and play a key role in increasing client-interaction for any company or business. Create your own websites and work with clients, or improve existing websites to increase their functionality and make them more complex or user-friendly. Knowing both desktop and mobile development technologies will increase your job possibilities exponentially, especially with the increasing use of Smartphones and mobile devices.

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Mobile Marketing Certificate | CEC | 9719

Find out about location-based marketing, mobile payments, QR codes, applications, and mobile coupons. You will learn how mobile marketing can increase your capabilities to retain current customers and gain new ones.

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Mobile Web Developer | CEC | 3003

Are you looking for a career in one of the fastest growing occupations available. Are you focused on professional growth by acquiring the latest on-demand technical skill set Mobile Web Development is growing exponentially, largely driven by growth in mobile Internet usage in the United States and across the globe. Latest industry publications report that every day more Internet users use mobile devices to access the web

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Modern Dance II | DANC | 1346

Continuation of DANC 1345.

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Modern IV | DANC | 2346

Continuation of DANC 2345.

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