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Marketing Research and Strategies | MRKG | 2348

A simulated marketing environment for experience in marketing decision-making. Provides practical experiences in analyzing marketing cases. Includes dynamic interrelationships among marketing price, channels of distribution, promotion, and product responsibility.

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Marketing Your Business on the Internet | CEC | 7276

Throughout the course, you will learn to think strategically about marketing your Web site, products, and services using Internet technologies. You will know how to use an Internet marketing checklist and other tools and materials to develop a sound online business strategy. Before you know it, you will have the skills and knowledge you need to develop a winning Internet marketing plan for your own business.

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Marketing of Agricultural Products | AGRI | 1325

Introductory course covering the operations involved in the movement of agricultural commodities from producer to consumer. Essential marketing functions of buying, selling, transporting, storing, financing, standardizing, pricing and risk bearing.

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Marriage and the Family | SOCI | 2301

This course is a sociological analysis of marriage and family relations based on fundamental principles in the discipline. Both theory and current research findings are covered. Areas explored include family dynamics, interpersonal relations, demographic trends, and conflict management. Current and classical research is reviewed and applied. Core Curriculum Course.

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Martial Arts - Jeet Kune Do | PHED | 1154

Study Bruce Lee?s art of Jun Fan along with the highly effective martial arts of Thailand, China, Japan and the Philippines. The student will learn basic self-defense and martial art skills needed to make good decisions regarding dangerous self-defense situations.

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Martial Arts - Tai Kwan Do | PHED | 1155

A traditional martial arts class which focuses on mental as well as physical development. The student will learn self-control and defensive techniques.

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Martial Arts II | PHED | 2154

The student will become familiar with advanced self-defense and martial arts skills.

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Mastering Digital Photography | CEC | 9804

This course will help you become familiar on how to make taking beautiful pictures of adults, children, and babies simple. The course starts with the basic principles you need to know in order to become a skilled people photographer. You'll discover the best way to shoot faces, fix common close-up problems, and use digital photo editing techniques to retouch your photos and make other improvements.

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Mastering Public Speaking | CEC | 1605

You can become an effective public speaker! In this fun and hands-on course, you will find out how to talk confidently and persuasively to both large audiences and small groups. You will learn how to plan and deliver your presentations skillfully and how to manage one of the most common public speaking barriers?fear.

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Mastery of Business Fundamentals | CEC | 7536

In this course you will learn about various organizational structures and determine how to use leadership, motivation, and control for maximum impact. You will understand how successful organizations use performance measurements to stay on track. You will also master the fundamentals of accounting and increase your knowledge about key financial terms, cash flow management, financial statements, and cost control

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