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Machine Shop Logistics | INMT | 1373

Study of concepts, issues, and techniques used to plan, analyze, and maximize the productivity of machine shop logistics; examination of key production planning decision making areas such as inventories, layout, capacity, and supply chain management. Particular interest will be the study of techniques and technologies for managing and optimizing the materials supply chain in a manufacturing domain.

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Major Collision Repair and Panel Replacement | ABDR | 2441

Instruction in preparation of vehicles for major repair processes. This course covers interpreting information from damage reports, planning repair sequences, selecting appropriate tools, and organizing removed parts for reinstallation.

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Makeup | DRAM | 1341

Principles of straight and character makeup. Student must purchase basic makeup kit. Theatre attendance and/or assistance in college productions required. Required of majors. Open to non-majors.

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Management and Labor Relations | HRPO | 1305

The development and structure of the labor movement including labor legislation, collective bargaining, societal impact, labor/management relationships and international aspects.

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Management for IT Professional | CEC | 3000

If you manage IT professionals, this program is for you! The leaders in an organization often set the tone and establish the benchmarks for success. In this program, you'll explore different decision-making techniques in the context of successful leadership styles. The focus is on developing a successful leadership style that facilitates team building, collaboration, and a corporate culture that promotes success.

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Management of Neurological Disorders | PTHA | 2431

Advanced course integrating previously learned and new skills/techniques into the comprehensive rehabilitation of selected neurological disorders.

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Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment | ITMT | 1340

Managing accounts and resources, maintaining server resources, monitoring server performance, and safeguarding data in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment.

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Manufacturing Materials | ENTC | 2331

Identification of various materials used in manufacturing including metals, plastics, composite materials, concrete, ceramics, and wood. Examination of the properties of these materials and standards for quality measurement.

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Marathon | PHED | 2153

Successful completion of this course will lead to the ability to complete a full 26.2 mile marathon. In addition to learning the proper and safe techniques of marathon training, the student will develop the ability to complete the GAAC 30k(18.6 miles) at the end of the semester.

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Marketing Case Studies | MRKG | 2374

A study of marketing problems and challenges through the use of case histories and actual marketing situations involving advertising, prices, distribution, product selection, client or consumer behavior, marketing training, market segmentation and international marketing.

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