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Level Design | GAME | 1304

Introduction to the tools and concepts used to create levels for games and simulations. Incorporates level design, architecture theory, concepts of critical path and flow, balancing, play testing, and storytelling. Includes utilization of toolsets from industry titles.

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Life Drawing II | ARTS | 2324

This studio course builds upon skills developed in Life Drawing I, emphasizing personal style and individual expression. Further experimentation with various media and techniques will be explored while drawing from a live model. Life Drawing I is a prerequisite for Life Drawing II.

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Life Drawing I | ARTS | 2323

Basic study of the human form. A drawing course focusing on the human form. Various media and techniques will be explored while drawing from a live model.

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Lifeguard Training | PHED | 2253

Provides the necessary training for qualification as a non-surf lifeguard. Includes training in community CPR and first aid. Strong swimming skills are required. Red Cross certification.

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Lifespan Growth & Development | PSYC | 2314

A developmental psychology course designed to provide an understanding of human behavior and characteristics from conception through death. This course includes information on physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes throughout the lifespan. Theory, research, and applications are covered. This course satisfies the Social and Behavioral Sciences or Component Area Option of the HCC core.

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Lighting , Shading and Texture | GAME | 2336

Lighting, shading, and texture painting for 3D models using digital painting techniques. Emphasizes lighting, shading, and texture creation of limited resolution to increase system performance for digital games and simulation training models.

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Lighting for Film or Video | FLMC | 1304

Lighting techniques for 16mm film or video production. (This class demonstrates advanced lighting techniques for 16mm film and video productions. Using a variety of lab projects and location settings, students will use lights, filters, in-camera special effects and mood setting techniques to enhance shot composition and camera movement. Topics also include operating film cameras, light meters and selecting film stock. Students are required to attend additional lab hours outside of class.)

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Lighting for Interior Design | INDS | 2315

Fundamentals of lighting design, including lamps, luminaries, lighting techniques, and applications for residential and commercial projects.

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Linear Algebra | MATH | 2318

Topics include systems of linear equations, vector spaces, matrices, linear mappings, and determinants. Core Curriculum Course.

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Linear Integrated Circuits | CETT | 1357

A study of the characteristics, operations, stabilization, testing, and feedback techniques of linear integrated circuits. Applications include computation, measurements, instrumentation, and active filtering.

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