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Introduction to Computers | ITSC | 1301

Overview of computer information systems. Introduces computer hardware, software, procedures, and human resources.

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Introduction to Corrosion | METL | 1313

An introduction to internal, external, and atmospheric corrosion including terminology, causes of common problems in industry, and generic remedies such as cathodic protection, protective coatings, material selection, and chemical treatments.

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Introduction to Criminal Justice | CRIJ | 1301

History, Civilization, , philosophy, and ethical considerations of criminal justice; the nature and impact of crime; and an overview of the criminal justice system, including law enforcement and court procedures. Designated as Criminal Justice Transfer Curriculum.

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Introduction to Economics | ECON | 1301

Examination of the structure and operation of the American economic system. Introduction to selected economic principles essential to the understanding of contemporary issues. May not be substituted for ECON 2301 or ECON 2302.

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Introduction to Electrical Safety and Tools | ELPT | 1321

A comprehensive overview of safety rules and regulations and the selection, inspection, use, and maintenance of common tools for electricians. Emphasis is given to safety rules and accepted safety practices in the workplace, the use of hand tools, power tools and the proper selection, function and operation of common electrical measuring instruments.

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Introduction to Electronic Media | COMM | 1335

A survey and analysis of History, Civilization, and principles of radio and television broadcasting and production, including programming for varied audience segments and sponsorship. Studies History, Civilization, , technology, regulation, audience, and economics of radio, television, and related electronic media. Studies basic skills and theories of image and sound, equips student to communicate through audio/visual media. Includes public cable, closed-circuit television, production workshops, and individualized instructional modules. Field trip and community media guest lectures included.

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Introduction to Engineering | ENGR | 1201

Introduction to engineering as a discipline and a profession. Includes instruction in the application of mathematical and scientific principles to the solution of practical problems for the benefit of society.

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Introduction to Ethics | PHIL | 2306

A philosophical reflection of the basic principles of the moral life, including traditional and contemporary views concerning the nature of goodness, happiness, duty, and freedom as they apply to individual right, business, medicine, and community well-being. This course satisfies the Language, Philosophy and Culture or Component Area Option of the HCC core.

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Introduction to Fashion | FSHD | 1302

Survey of the world of fashion businesses. Introduction to the creation and merchandising of fashion through the study of fashion vocabulary, the fashion process, fashion publications and career opportunities.

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Introduction to Fiber Optics | LOTT | 1401

An introductory course in fiber optics and its application including advantages of fiber, light transmission in fiber, types of fiber, sources, detectors, and connectors.

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