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Introduction to Philosophy | PHIL | 1301

This course is a theoretically diverse introduction to the study of ideas, including arguments and investigations about abstract and real phenomena, particularly in the areas of knowledge, ethics, and religion. This course satisfies the Language, Philosophy and Culture or Component Area Option of the HCC core.

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Introduction to Physical Anthropology | ANTH | 2301

Introduction to Physical Anthropology explores the relationship between culture and biology through the methods, theory and research of biological anthropology. Students learn about basic mechanisms of genetic change in populations and the relationships between humans and the other primates. The appearance of humans and their bipedal ancestors approximately four million years ago and their culture History, Civilization, through the Paleolithic age are examined in detail. Students learn about biological variation and adaptation in human populations, responses to the environment, race, and other issues and their applications. Core Curriculum Course.

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Introduction to Physical Fitness and Wellness | PHED | 1164

This course will provide an overview of the lifestyle necessary for fitness and health. Students will participate in physical activities and assess their fitness status. Students will be introduced to proper nutrition, weight management, cardiovascular health, flexibility, and strength training.

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Introduction to Pipe Welding | WLDG | 1435

Introduction to the welding of pipe using the shielded-metal arc welding process, including electrodes selection, equipment setup, and safe shop practices. Emphasis on weld position 1G and 2G using various electrodes.

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Introduction to Plastic | PLTC | 1001

A survey course designed to introduce the student to the field of plastics. An overview of thermoplastic and thermoset materials and the major processing methods utilized by industry.

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Introduction to Political Science | GOVT | 2304

An introduction to the History, Civilization, , scope, and methods of political science. Among the topics covered are the different conceptions of politics and science and the relationships between them, the major controversies over the possibility and shape of political science, and the different approaches employed in the study of politics.

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Introduction to Property Casualty & Insurance Contract | CEC | 1152

This course will introduce you to the basic principles of insurance, including the concept of risk, the different types of risk, and techniques in managing risk. It will introduce you to several basic elements and terms used in the insurance industry.

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Introduction to Public Relations | COMM | 2330

Studies principles and practices of public relations. Provides hands-on techniques to influence positive public opinion within and outside of companies. Requires creation of feature and news articles, press releases, press kit, brochure, and brief work plan utilizing the four-step planning process for resolving PR problems. Trains students to write good copy, construct PR goals and objectives, conduct practical research to determine public attitudes and opinion, arrange and conduct press conferences, and develop positive media relationships. (formerly COMM 2328).

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Introduction to QuickBooks | CEC | 7418

You will learn how to set up a chart of accounts, pay bills, invoice customers, create receipts, and reconcile your checking account. In addition, you'll discover how to track your accounts payable and receivable, manage your assets, control inventory, and generate estimates and reports.

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Introduction to Raster - Based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) | GISC | 1421

Instruction in GIS data sets including raster- based information such as images or photographs, acquisition of such data, and processing and merging with vector data.

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