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Introduction to Alcohol and Other Drug Addictions | DAAC | 1319

Provides an overview of causes and consequences of addiction as they relate to the individual, family, community, and society. Overview of alternatives regarding prevention, intervention, and treatment. Includes explanation of competencies and requirements for licensure in Texas. Identifies addiction issues related to diverse populations.

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Introduction to Aquaponics | HALT | 1370

This course provides instruction in the principles and practical applications of Aquaponics and Hydroponics culture systems. Students will be introduced to the History, Civilization, as well as a variety of system designs that maintain water quality by various solids removal techniques. In-depth coverage of fish production, plant production, economics and fingerling production. Participants will learn the technology through presentation of the theory and practical skill development. Water quality labs will cover the methods of analysis and the use of water quality test kits. Field work will include fish handling, vegetable production and system operation.

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Introduction to Archaeology | ANTH | 2302

Introduction to Archaeology provides a survey of the basic methods, theory and research of scientific archaeology. Human cultures and behaviors are identified and interpreted from material remains of over 2.5 million years of the human past. Students learn how anthropologists build cultural History, Civilization, from artifacts and material evidence of human activity, reconstruct past life ways, and explain similarities and differences of human cultures. Core Curriculum Course.

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Introduction to Automotive Technology | AUMT | 1305

An introduction to the automotive industry including automotive History, Civilization, , safety practices, shop equipment and tools, vehicle subsystems, service publications, fasteners, professional responsibilities, and automotive maintenance. May be taught manufacturer specific.

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Introduction to Biochemistry | BITC | 1370

The study of the knowledge of the structure, function, and cellular metabolism of various biomolecules. The course will deal with the intra-and intermolecular conversion of biomolecules. Knowledge in this area is directly applicable to the fields of analysis and processing of biomolecules and their pertinence to biotechnology as it relates to biopharmaceuticals, biodiagnostics, fermentation, and bio-manufacturing.

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Introduction to Biosafety and Biotechnology | BIOS | 1470

Topics address the current development of the fields of biosafety and biotechnology. Covers the applications of biosafety and biotechnology as these relate to medical and pharmaceutical research, and health care entities. Explores biotechnology and nanotechnology unique applications, workplace environment, and occupational safety. Describes controlling mechanisms used in biotechnology and biosafety to assure a protective workplace environment.

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Introduction to Biotechnology | BITC | 1311

An introduction to biotechnology including career exploration, History, Civilization, and applications of DNA/RNA technology, molecular biology, bioethics, and laboratory safety practices.

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Introduction to Blueprint Reading for Welders | WLDG | 1313

A study of industrial blueprints. Emphasis placed on terminology, symbols, graphic description, and welding processes. Includes systems of measurement and industry standards. Also includes interpretation of plans and drawings used by industry to facilitate field application and production.

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Introduction to Business Logistics | LMGT | 1319

A systems approach to managing activities associated with traffic, transportation, inventory management and control, warehousing, packaging, order processing, and materials handling.

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Introduction to Business | BUSG | 1001

Fundamental business principles including structure, functions, resources, and operational processes.

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