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Human Resource Training and Development | HRPO | 1302

An overview of the human resource development function specifically concentrating on the training and development component. Topics include training as related to organizational mission and goals; budgeting; assessment; design, delivery, evaluation, and justification of training. Included are new trends in training, including distance and virtual education.

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Human Resources Management | HRPO | 2001

This course is designed to help managers understand talent management processes in a way that will lead to better decision and engaged more employees.

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Human Resources Management | HRPO | 2301

Behavioral and legal approaches to the management of human resources in organizations.

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Human Sexuality | PSYC | 2306

This course is designed to provide an understanding of human sexuality, identity, orientation, and behavior, and the variations in these dimensions of this important aspect of human experience. It includes information on physical, cognitive, and psychosocial changes associated with sexuality. Theory, research methods, and applications of research to the facilitation of gender identity development and understanding of the human sexual response are covered. The course also provides information on the treatment of sexual dysfunction, and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and irresponsible sexual behavior.

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Human Structure and Function in Occupational Therapy | OTHA | 1309

Study of biomechanics of human motion. Emphasis on the musculoskeletal system including skeletal structure, muscles and nerves, and biomechanical assessment procedures.

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Hydraulics and Pneumatics | HYDR | 1345

Discussion of the fundamentals of hydraulics and pneumatics, componenets of each system and the operations, maintenance, and analysis of each system.

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IC3 Internet and Computer Core Certification | ITSC | 1001

The Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) program is the world's first validated, standards-based training and certification program for basic computing and Internet knowledge and skills. Successful completion of IC3 ensures you have the knowledge and skills required for basic use of computer hardware, software, networks, and the Internet. IC3 is your gateway to advancement in education, employment, or other certification programs. It provides you with practical fundamental knowledge of personal computers, including how computers and home/workplace networks work, operating systems, basic understanding of word processing, spreadsheets, internet applications, e-mail communication and integration. Textbook required.

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INRW 0410 Companion Course | INRW | 100

This course is a combined 1 hour lecture/ lab performance-based companion course designed to develop students? critical reading and academic writing skills. Students who enroll in this course are required to enroll in INRW 0410. INRW 0100 is a companion course to INRW 0410. The content of this course is based upon the needs of the accompanying INRW 0410 course. The focus is to prepare, support, and enable students to successfully perform in INRW 0410. The course integrates complementary reading and writing assignments with special emphasis given to reasoning and responding to issues arising from class readings. Students who successfully complete this course and INRW 0410 will qualify to take INRW 0420.

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Identity Theft | CEC | 9611

This course provides an introduction to Identity Theft topics that range from basic definitions and concepts to how Identity Theft compares to other forms of insurance. The student will learn how victims of Identity Theft become such, how one can avoid becoming, and, ultimately, how Identity Theft affects businesses.

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Iintermediate CAD (Microstation) | DFTG | 2370

A continuation of practices and techniques used in the basic computer-aided drafting (Microstation), emphasizing advanced dimensioning techniques, the development and use of prototype drawings, construction of pictorial drawings, construction of three (3) dimensional drawings, interfacing 2D and 3D environments and extracting data.

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