Nominations are now being accepted for the HCC Diversity Champion Award 2017

Mar 7, 2017

Houston Community College Council on Diversity and Inclusion created the Diversity & Inclusion Champion Award to recognize faculty, staff and students who have made outstanding contributions towards advancing the purpose and goals of Houston Community College’s Diversity and Inclusion mission. As such, the award celebrates individuals who champion efforts resulting in greater diversity, inclusion and opportunities for all members of our community.

In determining the Diversity & Inclusion Champion, the Diversity and Inclusion Council’s selection committee will consider creativity, innovation and creation of opportunities and access, including those that:

  • Reveal diversity
  • Promote a diverse perspective
  • Facilitate inclusion and/or access
  • Develop cultural competency
  • Foster communication and collaboration
  • Enrich learning
  • Facilitate critical thinking
  • Advance personal growth
  • Create a more welcoming and supportive college community
  • Build our college community members into better global citizens

Applicants/Nominees must be staff, faculty or students who have been at Houston Community College (HCC), in good standing, for at least one year or two semesters. Applicants/Nominees must demonstrate a significant contribution toward furthering a diverse, impartial and inclusive environment at HCC.

Award Criteria

  • Foster equality of opportunity within our college community
  • Encourage diverse perspectives in our college community
  • Create a welcoming and supportive college community climate through efforts such as visibility, communication, and education
  • Showcase creativity and innovation in the promotion of diversity at the College
  • Demonstrate the impact of highlighting inclusiveness in HCC’s diverse population

Application should include:

  • A Supporting Statement: a brief statement of the individual’s accomplishments and evidence of success in diversity and inclusion within the past three (3) years. The supporting statement should address the criteria for this award.
  • At least two sponsoring letters (in addition to the statement by the nominator) addressing the selection criteria for this award.
  • Samples related to diversity and inclusion activities (optional).


Current employees or students with at least one year at HCC or two semesters in good standing

Selection of Award Recipients

  1. The faculty award will be based on an exemplary commitment to diversity and inclusion, as expressed through research and creative activity, teaching, mentoring, or curriculum transformation, professional service, and/or a combination of achievements in these areas.
  2. The staff and student awards will be based on service, broadly defined, which may include service to HCC, the local community and beyond.
  3. The award will usually be based on an accumulated record of achievement in diversity and inclusion, rather than a single act of service, project, or event.
  4. A substantial part of the record of achievement shall have been accomplished as a HCC staff member, faculty member or student at Houston Community College.

The Selection Committee will be appointed by the HCC D&I Council. Awards will be presented at the D&I Summit and Expo in April 2017.

Deadline to submit has been EXTENDED: No later than 5:00 p.m. on March 24, 2017

Questions/Comments should be sent to

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