Mother and son share educational goals at HCC

Aug 29, 2016


Alvarez family

The family that studies together, learns together, and grows together. That holds true for Claudia Ramon Alvarez and her son Cristian, who are both students in the Corrosion Technology Program at Houston Community College (HCC).

“How was I going to insist for my son to go to school if I had not done so myself,” said Alvarez  as she recalled the time she and her son heard an HCC advisor speak about the impressive job opportunities in the field.

A year ago, she left her insecurities behind and enrolled in the program and now, mother and son are on their second year at HCC. Both have embarked on a “college” routine that has morphed into friendly competition when it comes to getting good grades. So far, the champion of this competition is Cristian.

“I don’t know how he does it,” said Alvarez, who added that the two study the same amount of time.  

For Cristian, having mom in the same classroom has helped him re-discover the woman who raised him, as a hard worker and partner in his educational journey.

“At first I was nervous because I did not know if she was going to monitor my every move like she does at home,” he said. His hesitation turned into a source of pride and inspiration.

“Now, my reaction is more of ‘yay mom! I am excited for her’. As a classmate she is fun and yet, she has the ability to continue being a source of guidance,” said the 20-year old.

The unlikely college classmates get a good laugh every time one of the professors asks if they are related.

“I tell them that I’m his older sister, but I always end up telling them the truth,” said Alvarez.

Both are scheduled to finish their associate degree in May 2017. While Cristian wants to pursue a career in architecture, Claudia is still unsure of the path she will follow. What she knows for sure is that this experience will be a testament of perseverance for Cristian and his younger brother.

She also knows that when she starts looking for a job, there will be plenty of possibilities in her future.

“Corrosion is everywhere,” she says. “When I finish, I know that there will be all sorts of options for me to make a difference,” said Alvarez.

Claudia and Cristian were recently featured on Univision 45. Check it out.

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