HCC’s international profile featured in New York Times article

By Justin Boyd

Nov 2, 2015

As the country becomes more global each day, Houston Community College is proving to be a player on the world’s stage.

Students from all over the map are coming to the United States to get their education and many are choosing to start at HCC. A fact not lost on The New York Times, which recently took a look at HCC’s expanding international profile.

Manny Fernandez of The Times wrote:

Few campuses illustrate this globalization better than Houston Community College, which tops the institute’s list of colleges that grant associate degrees. HCC has 5,208 international students from 200-plus countries, more foreign students than any other two-year college. And among all institutions of higher education, four- or two-year, it ranks 29th, ahead of prestigious destinations like Stanford, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, George Washington University and the University of California, Davis.

For more of The Times piece, please visit nytimes.com.

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