HCC student retools skills and excels academically

By HCC NE Public Relations

Jun 9, 2015

‌After being in the workforce as an engineer for a number of years and owning her own business, Houston Community College student Elaine Jolly decided to retool her skills. Jolly worked as a project engineer and manager for various industrial service and energy industries. As a project manager, she gained a wealth of experience in planning, monitoring, compliance, data review and safety. Her familiarity with large industrial facilities and experience in engineering piqued her interest in learning more about the internal workings of plants.

Jolly enrolled in the Process Technology program at the HCC Global Energy Training Institute (GETI) in 2013. The program offered her an opportunity to learn how to control and monitor various industrial and plant processes for oil and gas refining, food and beverage, manufacturing and power generation.

“I’ve had great experiences with my instructors,” she said. Jolly selected the program because she knew that her current skills could be applied to the process technology field.

While enrolled in the program, Jolly served as the public information officer for the Process Technology Student Association. She provided students with information about job preparation and assisted with coordinating field trips to local plants.

Jolly successfully matriculated through the process technology program and earned an Associate of Applied Science degree with a 3.83 GPA. She also successfully passed many industry pre-employment tests. Jolly has a bright future ahead of her and is equipped with additional skills that will make her even more marketable in the industry.

Industry relationships and skilled instructors have been key components to the success of the Process Technology program at HCC. Students who have completed the program are working for a variety of leading companies. These opportunities will continue to grow as that process technology industry seeks to fill positions to replace retirees from the Baby Boomer Generation and expansion in the greater Houston area.

HCC offers a variety of educational and training opportunities. The HCC GETI is located at the located at 555 Community College Drive, 77013. For more information courses offered at the Northline, North Forest, Pinemont, and Northeast campuses, call 713-718-8300 or visit northeast.hccs.edu.

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