HCC student encourages others to read, learn and share

Aug 21, 2015


Houston Community College sophomore Ron Machuca knows first hand how books can enrich experiences and impact ideals. The Student Library Council Vice President is all in on the #HCCshareabook campaign and recommends others follow suit. 

The HCC Student Library is looking for book recommendations that will add more books to the West Loop Campus Library and spark more active readers on campus. The goal is to engage students with the library and ultimately benefit them. 

Machuca, a business major and aspiring entrepreneur, said, “A business will succeed if it’s built by of team of proactive leaders in their own rights and not just members who do what they are told.”

He took this approach from one of his book recommendations – “The Leadership Engine” by Noel M. Tichy. 

Machuca used lessons learned from “The Leadership Engine” to analyze a series of events in his life, and it has changed his approach to entrepreneurship. One of his greatest inspirations was his grandfather, who built a successful farming business in El Salvador and hired the whole family as employees. 

“He was a great man. Every decision he made affected the family in a good way,” Machuca said. “But when he was gone, the family and the business just broke down.” 

“The Leadership Enginemade Machuca realize his grandfather’s business fell apart because he failed to generate new leaders that could have continued his legacy. Now Machuca is on a mission to be a better leader by applying the lessons he learned from reading and personal experiences. 

“You become a better reader, better listener and become a better leader through reading.” HCC Library Services Director Bill Hord said. “We want to try to enhance students and improve that process.” 

Hord recommends “Finnigan’s Wake” by James Joyce. He likes this book because it encourages deep thought and analyzing. 

“If you think about them, they have rewards,Hord said. 

Avid reader Machuca has his eye on the prize and anticipates transferring to the University of Houston as a business major in hopes of becoming his own leader someday. He encourages other students to continue reading and to recommend books by filling out forms located at the HCC West Loop Campus Library front desk. Students, staff and community members can also recommend their favorite reads by posting a picture of the book with #HCCshareabook on instagram or facebook. 

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