HCC student delivers Thanksgiving surprise

Nov 23, 2016

Doing something for others is an example that Shaneé Gibson has seen since she was a little girl. This year for Thanksgiving, she decided on a social media approach to share her blessings with someone else.

The full-time student at Houston Community College who is now pursuing an associate degree in human services saw how her own mother, a career nurse, always put the needs of her others before her own. For that reason, in Shaneé’s opinion, there is no Thanksgiving celebration without doing something for others.

“There are so many people who have shared their blessings with me that I just feel compelled to share my gifts with others,” said Shaneé.


Motivated by a recent food collection at her church, Shaneé decided that she wanted to do more. She decided to personally deliver a Thanksgiving meal to a family in need. Social media was her tool.

“I wrote a post on Facebook and asked everyone to nominate someone and tell me their story,” said Shanee.

The stories started coming. All of them demonstrated financial need but one in particular, stood out. When Shaneé read the words “cancer”, “heart disease” and “flood” her choice was clear.


For the Grubbs family it had been a difficult year. In her post, Jessica Grubbs explained how her parents suffered from debilitating physical ailments and last April, their home got flooded.

Thus, with an enormous smile and several grocery bags, Shaneé knocked at the door of their home days prior to Thanksgiving. Diane Grubbs, Jessica’s mother opened the door. Overwhelmed, her surprise soon became gratitude.

“I just want to thank her very much for doing this for us and thank my daughter for putting our name in. These groceries are really going to help us out this Thanksgiving.”

For Christmas, Shaneé is planning a similar gesture for another family.

“I just feel it is very important that we stop and think about others and what we can do to be a blessing to others. It does not have to be a lot; we just need to take the time to share.”

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