HCC launches Apple mobile app development program with fresh approach

May 25, 2017

Houston Community College (HCC) is launching the iOS Coding and Design School (iCDS) to give students cutting-edge skills and training on developing iOS apps and coding in the iOS platform. The goal of the School is to bridge the gap in computer science training for minorities and women throughout the country, provide the latest OS X training for professional developers, and provide entrepreneurs skills to develop new innovative apps.

 The announcement that HCC will be one of the first colleges in the nation to use Apple’s newly released Swift Curriculum in the iCDS was made Wednesday, May 24, during a news conference in downtown Houston. Speakers at the event included HCC Chancellor Cesar Maldonado; Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives; Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner; and Robert Harvey, President and CEO of the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP).

Starting with Everyone Can Code content, HCC will introduce the Swift curriculum and provide students access to Apple computers and iPads. The new Apple Swift programming language is open source and easy to use so anyone with an idea can create something incredible to build apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

The Swift curriculum will help faculty prepare future developers to work in the thriving iOS developer community. The iCDS will also provide real-world, project-based learning for small business entrepreneurs at the HCC West Houston Institute at the Alief-Hayes Campus.

“The key factor to Swift is that it is much more intuitive, making it easier for people to learn,” said Dr. Madeline Burillo, President, HCC Southwest College. “That's why I am taking the classes myself. If I can learn the foundations of iOS coding with SWIFT, anyone can.”

HCC students and faculty will be using Apple’s Everyone Can Code curriculum, which includes a range of resources that take students all the way from no coding experience to building their first app.

 Dr. Maldonado said one of the pillars of HCC’s strategic plan is innovation, and Apple, quite simply, is innovation at its finest. “This partnership is one that will benefit our community by teaching students a valuable skill and it will benefit Apple by providing future developers,” said Dr. Maldonado. “I can’t think of an industry that is not dependent on coding. Computer coding teaches critical thinking and problem solving skills.”

Apple’s Lisa Jackson said the company was excited to be joining forces with HCC in this forward-thinking partnership. “Kudos to HCC for its leadership and recognizing the economic opportunities that will now exist.”

The HCC iOS Coding and Design School will offer classes at HCC’s Alief-Hayes, Central and West Loop campuses, beginning with a grant-funded Summer Camp in Cybersecurity and Coding for 50 high school students. There will also be a series of iOS Professional Development courses this summer through Continuing Education, and credit classes this fall. In addition, a class for small business entrepreneurs will be offered this summer through Continuing Education at the West Houston Institute.

Jamey Rootes, president of the Houston Texans, an HCC strategic partner, is another enthusiastic supporter of this technological educational advancement. "In today's fast-paced business environment, it is essential for prospective employees to understand current technologies and have the ability to quickly adapt to technological innovation,” added Rootes. “Here at the Houston Texans, technology is integrated into just about everything we do, both on the field and off.”

Mayor Turner called Houston a Knowledge Capital because of the incredible concentration of ideas and innovation in the city. “Thanks to Apple and HCC, we look forward to creating the city of tomorrow and we are starting today,” Turner said.

The GHP’s Robert Harvey said that Houston is an international city, our economy is strong and our population is wonderfully diverse. Harvey praised the new partnership. “I want to commend Apple and HCC for the great opportunity they are giving this city.”

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HCC launches coding school for Apple apps

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