Groundbreaking for Acres Homes Academic Building at HCC creates new opportunities for community

May 12, 2015

An entertaining song and dance from children in the AVANCE Lincoln Park Head Start Center kicked off the groundbreaking ceremony for the Acres Homes Academic Building at Houston Community College. These preschoolers, representing the HCC “Class of 2028,” sent a powerful message about the importance of providing future students with more access to education.

“Everything is done through education,” said Reverend Charles Ingram, president, Acres Homes Citizen Council. “This building has to be a mecca within the community and we look forward to all the programs and services that it can provide.”

The building to which Reverend Ingram referred is another step in the progress of the $425 million HCC Groundbreaker Bond Program. The project includes a 25,120-square-foot academic facility that will offer academic transfer courses, continuing education, and Adult Basic Education/GED/ESL. The site will have 89 new parking spaces and a landscaped courtyard to facilitate future expansion.

“My vision is to see the Acres Homes campus be a gateway to the community,” said Trustee Dave Wilson, District II. “I hope it stirs development up and I hope it is the real catalyst that brings real change to this area.”

Fellow trustee Eva Loredo of District VIII shared the same sentiment. “We need to continue our progress and need to help the community grow. That is why we decided to stretch out to this area.”

Ruby Mosley, a community activist and longtime resident affectionately known as the “Mayor of Acres Homes”, mentioned how necessary it is for young students to be able to stay in their own community and pursue an education.

“We went to HCC for support and said we needed a college for our children,” Mosley said. “You stepped up to the plate and now we are just waiting for the doors to open.”

Dr. Margaret Ford Fisher, Northeast College president talked about the benefit of having METRO bus routes close to the future campus.

“Working partnerships, such as the one we have with METRO are so vital to the growth and ultimate quality of life in our communities,” said Dr. Ford Fisher.

“This neighborhood deserves a campus. This is your asset,” said Trustee Robert Glaser, HCC Board secretary, District V. “We belong to you. We want to put this facility to work.”

“We are not just recruiting high school children, we are recruiting the entire community,” said Mosley, delighted with the prospects of nearby HCC facilities opening soon.

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