Veterans Affairs Certification Request Form

For all new and returning students, the Veterans Affairs Certification Request Form must be completed every semester to be certified for all programs.

HCC Veterans Affairs Certification Request Form - August 2014 - July 2015


HCC Veterans Affairs Certification Request Form - August 2015 - July 2016

05012015_Certification Request for Fall 2015 - Summer 2016

*This form must be submitted every term that you enroll.  This form must also be submitted when there is a change in your enrollment (add, drop, swap, class cancellation, and withdrawal).

 Veterans Affairs Information Data Sheet 10182013_Dist_VA_Info_Data_Sheet

 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 10182013_Dist_FERPA 


Chapter 30

    a. VA 22-1990 [New chapter 30]

    b. VA 22-1995 [Transfer chapter 30]

Chapter 31

a. Visit or Call VA Rep.

Chapter 33 

a. VA 22-1990 [New chapter 33]

b. VA 22-1995 [Transfer chapter 33]

Chapter 35

a. VA 22-5490 [New chapter 35]

b. VA 22-5495 [Transfer chapter 35]

Chapter 1606* / 1607

a. VA 22-1990 [New chapter 1606]

b. VA 22-1995 [Transfer chapter 1606]

* For new 1606s we also need a NOBE (Notice of Basic Eligibility) from the Reserves


State VA Forms for Hazlewood recipients

Application Process To use Hazlewood benefits or to transfer unused benefits to an eligible child, applicants must complete an application/release form. These forms can be sent via email, fax, mail or in person.

Veterans using the Exemption must complete the HE-V application form.

HE-V Application Packet for Veterans

Eligible Children and Spouses Who Have Never Used the Exemption must complete both the HE-V and the HE-D application forms.

HE-D Application Packet for Eligible Children and Spouses