Refund Information

HCC Eagle card for refunds

Beginning Fall 2009, HCC has partnered with Higher One Inc. for the latter to manage and service all refund. HCC Eagle Card is the student's key in choosing their refund options. Students may either set-up direct deposit to their existing bank account or may choose to open OneAccount with Higher One.

Credit Balance

Credits resulting from dropped/cancelled classes which were originally paid by credit card will be refunded to the same credit card after the official date of record or earlier upon student request. Those resulting from cash, checks, and money order paid to the cashiers will be reimbursed through the HCC Eagle Card.

Credit resulting from Financial Aid awards or scholarships shall be refunded through HCC Eagle Card.

Amount of refunds for withdrawals are determined in accordance with the Drop and Withdrawal Refund Schedule based on total semester fees. If the student has established a payment plan, any remaining installment payments due are deducted from the refund amount. Any reduction in the balance due to a withdrawal will be adjusted on the remaining installments.

Course withdrawal does not release the student from the obligation to pay any balance owed to the College. One hundred percent (100%) refund of ALL tuition and fees will be made ONLY when a class does not make or a college error is involved.

Drop and Withdrawal Refunds Schedule:
100% Refund Dates on Drops/Withdrawals are listed on the catalog schedule.*

Class Length Last Day for
70% Refund*
Last Day for 
25% Refund*
2 or less wks. 2nd day n/a
3 wks. 3rd day 4th day
4 wks. 4th day 5th day
5 wks. 5th day 6th day
6 wks. 5th day 7th day
7 wks. 7th day 9th day
8 wks. 8th day 10th day
9 wks. 9th day 11th day
10 wks. 9th day 12th day
11 wks. 10th day 14th day
12 wks. 12th day 15th day
13 wks. 13th day 16th day
14 wks. 13th day 17th day
15 wks. 14th day 19th day
16 wks. or more 15th day 20th day

*A $15.00 Change of Schedule Fee is deducted after computing the percentage refund.

All non-refundable fees (see catalog) will be deducted before the percentage for refund is applied.

Cost/Refund Information

Non-refundable fees

HCC will not refund the following fees for any reason other than that the class fails to make.

Drop/Add Fee

Returned Check Fee

Stop Payment Fee

Payment Plan Enrollment Fee

Payment Plan Late Fee

International Application Fee

(one-time charge for F, M, or J Visas only)

 International Orientation Fee

Deferment/Reproduction Fee

Diploma or Certificate

Back-dated Diploma

Transcript Fee

Transcript Fee for Overnight Express or Fax

Fee for Advanced Standing Examination for College Credit (per course)

Fee for Advanced Standing Credit (per evaluation)















A student is not registered for any course until the full amount is paid or an installment contract is executed.
For students enrolling in a Health Sciences program, see the Health Sciences section.

* An additional service provider fee is required if transcript is requested by phone or web.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is HCC Eagle Card?

HCC Eagle Card is the new way to receive student refunds from Houston Community College (HCC)

HCC has partnered with Higher One Inc. for the latter to manage and service all refund. HCC Eagle Card is the student's key in choosing their refund options. Students may either set-up direct deposit to their existing bank account or may choose to open OneAccount with Higher One.

For more information, visit

2. How will students get their HCC eagle card?

All students taking semester credit hour (SCH) classes, except those whose payment type is only credit card and those below the age of 15, will receive HCC eagle card.
It will be mailed to the mailing address on file with HCC.

3. Where does a student go to check when the card was mailed and the address it was mailed to?

Go to and select Where's My Card? 

Students will be asked to type in their last name, 9-digit HCC ID number, and their birthday (mmddyy) before they can view the status of their card.

4. How are refunds from HCC delivered to students?

To receive refunds, visit to choose refund preference. Once refund preference is selected, funds are sent from HCC to Higher One who then disburses them according to the student's selection.

Please Note:  In order to receive a refund, it is required that students choose their refund preference at as soon as the card arrives in the mail.

5. A student is not expecting any refund. Why is it important to select a refund preference?

Although the student might not currently expect a refund from HCC, HCC may have a refund for the student in the future. After all, it may be necessary to drop a class, a class may be cancelled, or the student may simply receive a scholarship or assistance that was not anticipated. Selecting a preferred method to receive refunds from HCC ensures to always receive refunds in a timely manner.

6. What are the options of students for receiving their refunds?

a. Easy Refund to the OneAccount (FASTEST)

b. ACH transfer to the student's bank account (FAST)

7. What is OneAccount?

The OneAccount is a fully functioning FDIC insured FREE CHECKING account that allows students to access their financial aid refunds quicker and easier than ever before. Students may also use their HCC Eagle Card to make purchase anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted and withdraw cash with no fees at Higher One ATMs located on or around campus.

8. Can the student's refund be deposited to another bank account?

Yes. Students may have their refunds deposited to their existing bank account. In order to do so, select ACH transfer (to other bank) for refund preference during the activation process and complete, print, and mail the required third party form to the designated address.

9. When are refunds of financial aid residual processed?

Generally, refunds of financial aid residual are processed within 14 days after the aid has been released to the student account.

10. When a student drops or withdraws from a class, how are refunds processed if a student has a grant, loan or scholarship that was paid directly to the institution?

Tuition and fees paid directly to the institution by a sponsor, donor, grant, loan, or scholarship shall be refunded to the source rather than directly to the student unless otherwise specified.

11. How are credit card payments refunded?

Credit Card payment for classes that are subsequently dropped or cancelled are refunded to the same credit card. 

Higher One ATMs

Location of Higher One ATMs at HCC Campus and other ATMs outside HCC:

Houston CC - Central College - Science Building
1300 Holman Street
Houston, TX 77004
In the West Wing Building - Bookstore.
Houston CC - Coleman College Campus Building
1900 Pressler Street
Houston, TX 77030
On the 1st Floor near the Computer Lab (Room 157).
Houston CC - Northeast College - Northline Campus Building
8001 Fulton Street
Houston, TX 77022
Houston CC - Northwest College - Main Bldg
1010 West Sam Houston Pkwy N
Houston, TX 77043
In the Student Lounge.
Houston CC - Southwest College - Stafford Learning Hub
10041 Cash Road
Fort Bend, TX 77477
On the 1st Floor near vending.
Houston CC - Southwest College - West Loop Center Bldg
5601 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77081
On the 1st Floor in the Student Lounge.
Houston CC - South Campus
1990 Airport Blvd
Houston, TX 77051
In Willie Lee Gay Hall.