Outstanding Accounts

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for payment of all outstanding account balances.  Holds will be placed on the student record preventing registration, grades, transcripts and other college services as the account balance becomes delinquent.  Balances not resolved will be forwarded to a collection agency.  The collection fee will be the responsibility of the student.

Causes of Outstanding Balances

Some balance issues occur as financial aid is reduced due to change in enrollment and/or eligibility status.  Some balances occur as students fail to properly drop classes and continue to owe enrollment cost for classes they no longer attend.  Failure to understand the student responsibilities will not reduce the student financial responsibility.  Students should promptly address these issues, with the correct department, to resolve holds and prevent collection fees.

Students Access on their accounts

Students can always view online the balance and details of their account, and should consider this source as first and primary notification of a balance due.  A notification about the outstanding student account will be sent to the student’s preferred email address, the student college email address and possibly by mail to the current mailing address on record.  It is the student’s responsibility to update their email preference and all mailing addresses each time they have a change.  Notification sent, by the college, thru any of these addresses are considered delivered.

There may be other costs incurred by students with delinquent balances as defined in their payment plans or indicated in services used.