• Conversation view. By grouping messages from a single conversation together, the new conversation view enables users to quickly identify the most recent messages and the chain of responses.
  • Multiple browser support. With Outlook Web App, users get the same richness and productivity experience within Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, and Safari 3+. No matter which of the major Web browsers you use, you can have a rich, efficient Outlook Web App experience.
  • Single page of messages. In Outlook Web App, all messages are on one page. No matter how big the folder, you can scroll through every message without having to advance through pages.
  • Nickname cache. By storing the e-mail addresses of recent recipients, the nickname cache helps users address their messages more quickly by providing a suggested name list as a new address is typed.
  • Filters. Filters are now easier to apply from a convenient drop-down menu with common options.
  • Search. Searching in Outlook Web App is now more powerful with advanced queries.
  • Favorites. Users can look for certain things over and over, such as unread messages.

Outlook Web App