What Are Structured Schedules?

For a small, but growing number of programs, HCC is offering “Structured Schedules” which:

  • Provide reliable and consistent course scheduling for degree and certificate programs from the beginning to the end of your studies at HCC
  • Make it easier to complete your program on time and without delay.
  • Make it easier for students to balance work and school since HCC course schedules will be much more predictable – semester after semester.
  • Help you know in advance when and where your classes will be.

Why Is HCC Offering Them?

Quite simply, at HCC we want you to succeed by completing your desired educational goal in the least amount of time. Structured schedules will help you do that. Research shows that students studying within a structured schedule program increase their likelihood of completion in less time than those that do not.

Regarding class schedules, some of the best help HCC can provide is to offer greater predictability – more predictable class times and locations that are grouped together for your convenience. This is especially helpful because many HCC students also work or have busy personal lives and commitments. A structured schedule removes the need for making semester-by-semester arrangements for child care, with your employer, or other commitments. If you know your upcoming schedule in advance, you can plan better.

Which Structured Schedule Programs Will Be Offered?

Starting in the fall, 2016 semester, the following programs will be offered with a structured schedule option. More will be offered in the future:

Degree & Certificate Plans

Business Management - Business Management Specialization – AAS

Business Management - Entrepreneurship - Certificate

Business - AA

Industrial Electricity - Electrical Helper - Certificate Level I

Cosmetology Operator - Level II certificate

Computer Systems Networking - Network Systems and Cyber Security - Certificate level I

Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management - Specialist - Certificate I

Honors College new students pursuing AA or AS degrees

Mathematics - AS

Government / Pre-Law - AA

Child Development - Infant & Toddler Teacher - Certificate Level I

Studio Art - AA

Interpreting/Sign Language - Interpreting Transliteration Technology - AAS

Biology - Biology Majors & Premedical Programs - AS