Download UST Research Topics [949 kbs]

Go through the abstracts provided by UST faculty in order to determine the topic of research you may be interested in working.

Download HCC Faculty List [92 kbs]

Go through the list of HCC faculty selected for 2014-2015 program in order to determine the faculty you may be interested in working with.

Download HCC Student Application [41 kbs]

Please go through the application carefully. Read the requirements and the duration of the program before completing the application. The deadline to receive the application is 4:00 PM, Monday, September 22, 2014.

2014-2015 Academic Year (October 1, 2014 - August 31, 2015)

HCC students interested in 2014 - 2015 STEM Research Program must:

  • be U.S. permanent residents/U.S. Citizens
  • be enrolled at HCC during Fall Semester 2014 and Spring Semester 2015
  • have taken courses to ensure the basic knowledge needed to conduct advance scientific research
  • commit time and efforts to work with the cohort and complete the project

All original applications must be mailed or hand-delivered to:
Dr. Yiyan Bai / Dr. Jyoti Wagle
LHSB 402, Biology & Physical Sciences
Houston Community College - Central
1300 Holman, Houston, TX 77004
*Students already in the program and want to continue their participation must re-apply each year.

Students must attach a copy of the transcript and one page essay discussing academic preparation and career goals to the application.
Students should review the research topics, contact the selected HCC STEM faculty with who they would like to work, provide them with a copy of their application, and discuss their academic preparation and career goals. This is an important required step in the selection process.

Once selected, students will be required to:

  • attend a mandatory orientation along with their sponsoring UST and HCC faculty
  • complete the required paperwork
  • commit weekly time to research at HCC and/or UST
  • maintain research and time records
  • work with the faculty to prepare the poster and present at the UST-HCC symposium in September 2015 and other symposia and conferences